Saturday, September 15, 2012

my most loved..

with so many changes going on around here, the new business, the new baby on the way, I've not been too busy in the 'making department'.  I decided it best to take a little break from building up Loved Handmade and just taking the odd order here and there and moving current items...

however, I've been re-inspired to continue making one of my favourites.  After seeing Kellie and several other lovely ladies sporting my wears recently, it reminded me of how I love this one, and how great it always looks on. It's such a pleasure to see, and so I'm going to continue the makings of my most loved piece, the cotton crocheted necklace... 

I adore this piece so much, and I love wearing mine.  This is where loved handmade began and has been my most popular store item ever since!

It's a favourite to make too, sitting and crocheting those pretty dainty discs, hand stitching each of them to the chain, along with the shell button detail ends.  How could I not continue making these beauties!

So, although there may not be loads of other loved pieces in my store just for the moment, and due to the many lovely requests, this one will be a stayer!  

You can keep updated via the loved handmade facebook page, and I'll be happily accepting orders too. 



  1. Hello Mel
    Sorry I haven't been around very much in blogland.
    Life is ever evolving and changing for us all...
    I'm now back living in London in a rented property with my sons, and am at the start of a very different journey, a new beginning, a little scared but excited about what the future holds
    And how wonderful for you and your family a New life growing inside of you, a bundle of joy that will be truely LOVED.
    Sending you a great big hug to you

    P.S. I LOVE this unique necklace. I may just give it a go myself else I'll be back to place an order x

  2. They are soooo pretty! It's no wonder they is so popular!

  3. i can't wait to see what your talented hands create for the wee one. x

  4. One of my favourite pieces to wear Mel. Everyone always comments on how lovely it is. I'm eyeing off the watermelon one now. Hope you are well.

    Kellie xo

  5. they are so beautiful, I can see why they are your favourite xo

  6. I love that gorgeous necklace. Sometimes you need to acess what you are doing and only take on what you know you are able to handle without the over load. Also you need to look after yourself & your little bundle inside you plus your family. Take care:)


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