Monday, August 13, 2012


When life gets busy and a little (a lot) overwhelming, I find myself eliminating the things that would normally occupy my daily thoughts and 'to do' lists.  I tend not to run around fraught, trying to cram in the zillion too many things to do, even though those things exist, they unconsciously get pushed to the back in some kind of manageable order of priority.  Some I suppose never get air time and just fall by the wayside, not forgotten but not done.

The part of me that deals with the 'busy' kind of shuts down, or maybe takes control is a better way of looking at it.  I think it's a strategy for coping with the big stuff.  My brain switches into survival mode and this way I can manage the most important things first.

So much of the big stuff is consuming me right now, yet ridiculously I find myself extremely calm and sometimes even with hours to spare, but I don't start something new to fill in the time.  I've eliminated the not necessary so that all I'm focusing on is keeping this little family and home running.  This is the most important stuff after all!

Helping little people to navigate their way through playground politics.  Being aware of the individual needs of three very different little boys, they all have their own big stuff going on too.  Making time to hear them, nurture their bruised spirits and share their triumphs is not always an easy feat with so many other life distractions.

Then there's my man.  Big is almost an understatement for whats going on in his world at the moment.  As much as I try to be available to him, to listen, support, love, I'm sure I'm not doing enough.  He's strong and capable and I take for granted that his own coping mechanisms are all in check.

What keeps us both positive, for the most part, is knowing what is just ahead.  We are coming to the end of a chapter and preparing to begin a new and very exciting one.  In just a couple of months more, we'll be working together (eek!) running our own business and following dreams.  Things will be very different.  I'm sure it's going to take some time for us to find our feet, but when we do, life is going to be pretty darn great!

My hubby will be saying goodbye to corporate, a life of travel, of playing the game, of forever feeling compromised.  I'll be filling those spare hours working pretty much full time from home where I will still be available if the boys are sick, or to help out at school on all those special days.

So until then, I make time to breathe, I eliminate the not necessary and brace myself for the future...


  1. HOW BLOOMIN' EXCITING! And scary. And fabulous. And all kinds of excellent (with a small dollop of terrifying to keep things real). Yay for you two.

  2. Oh Mel, this is huge news. I can't wait to see what unfolds for you all. Sending you a huge ♥ tonight. J x

  3. That's huge news, scary and exciting all at the same time. To have your hubby around more will so wonderful for all of you. Take care and and I hope that you find moments to yourself to breathe. xx

  4. Sounds like exciting times are ahead for you all Mel and I look forward to seeing it unfold.
    I have been going through a period of elimination myself and feeling all the more better for it :)

  5. Best of luck to you both! I wish I coped with change and general 'busyness' as well as you seem to, Mel.

    Hats off to your man. You know I have been there myself just recently and I know what a daunting prospect saying goodbye actually is. But I have never regretted it and never once wished I was back in the grey world.


  6. New chapters in our lives are so very scary and exciting and the hardest part is waiting for it all to begin. Good luck to you both on starting a new adventure together. x

  7. Hi have popped over a few tines and read your blog. (Lovely) This post made my heart sing, as the sailor and I did the same some five years ago. It's all of the above, but it's worth every thing more. Together we work hard, together we are focused, together we are playing by our own rules. I wish you great things. Roberta

  8. wow, all kinds of emotions must be going on at the moment.
    good luck with all the new changes and yay for finding time to breathe and go along on the journey together.
    wishing you lots of wonderful Mel ♥

  9. OH Mel, how exciting and a bit scary and totally brave. xo

  10. It must be such a scary/exciting time for both of you. I applaud you for having a go, many won't and will never know!

  11. My goodness! I am glad to hear that you can keep yourself calm in the face of 'big stuff'. I can mostly keep calm, but my sleep suffers greatly in the face of BIG.

    Your up coming adventure sounds amazing, I wish you and yours all the best!

  12. Sounds like some big & little changes, it all takes time & tweaking to get right, then you'll never imagine life before, it's always on the up & moving forward to better things, children get older & cope better, life is so dynamic, i know you'll embrace & manage it all beautifully with love & grace, love Posie

  13. Oh Mel! I was getting excited for you just reading your post! How promising and wonderful the future sounds for you and them. :) You sound such a well balanced clever gurrl with just the way you think your ups and downs all out in your head With you at the helm(and I'm pretty sure it's you in the main. :)) I'm sure you're going to succeed with everything you set your mind to. (hope you get what I'm trying to convey!!)
    I so wish you and your man so much luck with your dreams together. ♥

  14. These sound like very exciting times for you guys!

    rachel xo


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