Monday, June 25, 2012

the week that was..

Winter is well and truly here.  I love this season, I can't help it!
I know it's freezing cold and when it rains endlessly, which it has, and the yard is a swamp and your finger tips seem to be forever icy, it can be a bit depressing and restricting at times..  
I do my best, however, to embrace this season for all it's misty fog, early morning frost underfoot, and the opportunity to rug up in winter warmers.  That's my favourite bit, dressing up for winter. I put more effort into my 'outfits' this time of year, even if I'm just hanging about at home.  It makes me feel good.  I love everything about winter fashion! 
 I love stopping at local cafes in the poring rain, sitting on cosy chairs and drinking hot coffee..
notes from my big boy (nothing to do with winter, just a sweet sentiment that warmed my heart).. 
watching wild waves crash in and feeling the bitter cold mist across my face.. 
 these two little fella's, best mates, winter doesn't hold them back from everyday adventure..
celebrations of the best kind, a dear friends' 40th birthday...
there she is, lighting the zillions of candles before guests arrive. Her party theme was 'where glamour meets the bush' held in this amazing venue all rustic and glamorous, surrounded by candles, chandeliers tin and timber. Magnificent!  
where my gorgeous man cooked up a stunning feast, with me his trusty assisitant..

It was the perfect end to a crazy hectic week..


  1. I love the winter months for many of the same reasons though this year the chill seems to have seeped into my bones and I have found myself aching for a little sunshine.
    Those chairs are fabulous as is your winter fashion.
    Have a lovely week Mel :)

  2. Lovely pics. I mostly like winter as well but the incessant rain is doing my head in a little.
    Saturday night was fabuluous, the venue amazing and the food thanks to your and hubby.....delicious!

  3. Oh, and Harvey's letter is simply divine! Lovely boy xx

  4. love these winter picks! and your winter fashion is divine...nothing better than a dress, tights and boots to make us gals feel a little glamour in the chilly weather! xx

  5. Your pretty frock! Your boots! Your cardi! Your cowl! I want to look just like that!!!!

  6. Beautiful, Mel. You've captured winter perfectly! x

  7. I agree with all of your sentiments of winter...if only ours didn't last sooooooo long!

  8. Apart from being inside my house (where it's ridiculously freezing), I love winter too. Especially winter clothes :)

  9. Ah, this post is all a bunch of lovely! And what a stunning pair you make!

  10. gorgeous winter photos. it's just all so lovely. the birthday place looks so cosy. xo

  11. Blanket covered chairs. How wonderful!

    What a gorgeous couple you guys make.

    rachel xo

  12. What else to say, just love your out look, family, cooking husband (got me one of those too) & the lovely adventures you embrace. That log on the fire & pretty lanterns totally warmed me up, it's so cold here in Canberra, love Posie


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