Thursday, June 7, 2012


When I decided it was high time I had myself an Open Studio, I'm certain I didn't anticipate the the flood that would wash through my workroom/garage/storefront, the sewing machine breakdown, the discontinuation of a favourite yarn, or bitterly cold weather, though given it's winter that was really just being a bit vague..
but the show must go on, and it will!!

Eventually I hope to fit out the space more permanently (and flood proof) but for now, it may not look quite as pretty as I'd hoped, it may not be quite the ambient setting I was hoping to create, but there will be plenty of beautifully handmade pieces made by me and even just a few pre-loved furnishings to be had!  
So if you're feeling like a drive down to the coast this long weekend, rug up and pop in say 'HI!' 

Door opens Saturday only, as our boys are off to have adventures at Nan & Pop's, so the rest of the weekend is ours to wine, dine, coffee, breakfast and indulge in whatever whim we so desire.. 


  1. Dont you hate when they discontinue yarn? It happens to me all the time, and to me it seems they have no taste, discontinue all the good colours and leave the bad ones.
    SO wish I could come down this weekend Mel, it looks gorgeous and I bet i would enjoy meeting you and seeing your beautiful work in person. Good luck, and I hope to come next time ( im hoping this isn't a one off) xo

  2. Good Luck Mel, though with all your beautiful work , you really don't need it. I wish I was close enough to come take a peek. x

  3. Oh how I wish I was close enough to pop in...would love to see your creations in the flesh. Wishing you a successful weekend Mel, enjoy your boy free time :)

  4. wishing I could just pop across the ditch for a quick visit

  5. Good luck Mel! I am sure it will be fabulous. Wish I could pop in for a looksie but work beckons!

  6. I'm so proud of you, no luck needed here.....ENJOY!

  7. Oh Mel, you gorgeous girl. I, too, wish I was able to visit to see your loveliness in person. Wishing you only the best. J x

  8. Oh yay!
    I cannot wait to hear how it went.
    I hope you sold loads.
    And I hope you have the most wonderful, relaxing rest of the weekend. x


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