Thursday, May 10, 2012

slouching about..

my middle guy, big accessory wearer of all kinds..

asked me to make him a slouchy beanie, like the one I made for his uncle (idol, same thing).. 
and although he doesn't look too thrilled here in the pictures, because I dragged him away from morning tele to take the photos, he really loves it!! 
this is the one made for his uncle/idol that I have since unraveled, I think it was a bit girly.
I've not managed to achieve much more this week, the little guys been home for a couple of days under the weather.  He's lovely company though, I do miss him when he's at school.

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  1. LOVE the slouchy hats Mel!x

  2. Utterly gorgeous Mel. I love a boy who loves an accessory.

  3. What sweet little men! Love that you can get them to wear what you make!!!

  4. Cool kid! Cool hat!

    I agree that the uncle one was a bit girlie, but no way would I have unravelled it... I would have kept it for me! x

  5. ooh very nice slouchy beanie and how lovely that your son asked you for one!!!

  6. Hi,

    I came across from Our Creative Spaces. My nephews would totally dig a hat like this! I've been looking through ravelry for something similar - did you use a pattern?



  7. Love your crochet slouchy hats. I have been on a slouchy beanie bender myself. The knitted variety....just perfect to keep those years warm and hair under control.....

  8. Love this design so much. Would also like to know if it's your pattern or one i can buy a copy of somewhere.

    rachel xo

  9. That grey slouchy hat really suits him. What a gorgeous boy loving what his Mum makes for him:) xx

  10. I love it too. Is the pattern on ravelry? or is it your own. I would love to make one for my big boy.


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