Thursday, May 24, 2012

creative space..more hats!

 I've been meaning to make a tiny hat for a tiny weeny newborn baby..
then this mail arrived today and I can't get my hook stuck into it quickly enough!
I gave the beret another try using a much nicer wool & I'm super happy with it this time..hope it fits!
 the tiny hat is coming along, though I'm certain it won't be quite tiny enough..
and I'll soon be gifting it with this gorgeous blanket by the very talented Wendy Hill at Little Tree Kids.  My goodness she has the most beautiful store, I tell you it's a good thing we don't have little girls or we most certainly would be broke..but at least they'd look good!!

more creative things happening here..


  1. Love your new woos, such beautiful colours. x

  2. Where do you get your lovely wool from Mel???!!!! Such gorgeous muted tones.

  3. Loving the new wools that have just arrived, are they sort of tweedy and textrued. the beret looks fabulous too, even if the tiny hat is too big now, baby will quickly grow into it. xo

  4. That's looking great! And the yarn looks simply delicious<3

  5. I recognise that blanket :-) beautiful hats! what a good idea to have an open studio this long weekend.... unfortunately a trip around the pond is not on the cards for me..... I hope you have a lovely weekend xx


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