Friday, May 4, 2012

and one for me..

I've been busily making things for lovely people,
and secretly wanting to keep every one of them just for me!
So I decided I might treat myself and 
I am SO.IN.LOVE with this!!
It's the most beautiful yarn, I think my favourite ever.  A beanie and gloves could be next.
Overkill? Maybe, but I don't think I care!!  
You can all expect to be seeing  me wearing this everywhere, all the time!  

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  1. Beeootiful Mel! Gorgeous yarn indeed, and you can never have too much overkill for winter. We need to treat ourselves now and then. A reward for all the good things we've achieved. Clever you. x♥

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Now we need to see you in it!!!

  3. HI there,
    I know what you mean about wanting to keep goodies you have made for yourself! looks like beautiful yarn.
    Kate at Creativeworld :)

  4. great colour, great knit, great job! Perfect for this chilly air!

  5. beautiful Mel. Such a gorgeous wool. Certainly not too much with a beanie and scarfe.

  6. Delicious looking yarn Mel. What is it? You know that it's important to make things for yourself occasionally - it feeds the creative juices. :)

  7. It is a gorgeous scarf Mel and important to take the time to make something for yourself every now and then. x


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