Sunday, April 8, 2012

holidays so far...via instagram

treasure hunts at sunrise..
 picnics on the beach, cubby building in the tea trees, and this hardworking man stops...
heading to Beatrix in Nth Melbourne for morning tea.
This is the first time our boys have been and OH were they impressed!! 
The most divine cake ever, red velvet cake & chocolate chiffon, heaven I tell you! 
They told Nan and Pop all about it when we reached their place.  Mum said the boys were describing it all so dreamily it was like they could still taste it on their lips...
 Nat's growing collection of beaters is looking gorgeous, a work of art & quirky fun..
and then up to Nan & Pop's for a few days of running over rolling hills, bush walks, sleeping out in the camper and catching up with family...
the traditional Good Friday picnic in this same (very old) park with my entire family.  
There are so many of us we need to use public facilities for catching up because there are too many to fit in any one persons house! 
We've been coming to this same place for my whole life, my parents started the tradition before I was born, when they were first married...  
old school round-a-bout, the best ride ever!
Here I am on the whizzy with my little guy, I do nothing but laugh on this thing, really, really laugh! 
Though I find it much safer on the middle wire than the seats these days, there's always a spill..
on the way home..
I tried to capture this moment when hubby and I were singing our hearts out to a favourite song, 
the boys tired out in the backseat watching, listening & taking it all in.
It was a moment that made my heart feel suddenly so full, a most grateful moment.

Though as pointed out by the big boy I look really cross in this picture!

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Happy Easter to you all!!


  1. Loved all of it Mel! That second beach shot is amazing. Well done. I really enjoy seeing shots of happy family togetherness.
    Thanks for your visit and lovely comment. x

  2. Lovely photos Mel, it all looks like good fun. You don't really look cross in the photo. Happy Easter, x

  3. What a beautiful post - loving the traditions held onto.
    Still wishing for instagram here, not on my android yet i'm afraid!
    Happy Easter you guys!XX

  4. Oh, we have no such Easter tradition in our family and I loved sharing a little in yours. We have been making our own with family, egg hunts, Easter crafting and going exploring.

    That feeling your mentioned, I felt something similar too yesterday, coming home with my boys and my girl, this surge of love. Those special moments can creep up on you anywhere. xx

  5. happy easter. a lovely collection of photos. beautiful. xo

  6. It sounds like a wonderful way to spend Easter together, I love the sound of your family tradition I bet your boys look forward to this time each year. Thank you for sharing this special time with us. xx

  7. That beach looks amazing! And how cute are you and your husband and your car singalongs! Unfortunately this could never happen in our house as my husbands taste in music is dreadful... and I refuse to learn the words to any of it!!!!

  8. What a gorgeous post & LOVE a big family get together in a park, we just did that late March for my father's 80th - 14 grandchildren, we need space & one family brought along their buggy, so much fun!!
    I love your traditions & that old school spinning round is brilliant, so few parks have them these days. Love Posie

  9. What a lovely weekend you've had:) That cake looks delish and I love those hanging beaters. Happy Easter to you x

  10. loved the sunrise pic. i enjoyed reading about your weekend.

  11. Love all of your grateful moments! And such beautiful pics! Those little family moments really are the best. I'm grateful for them too xx

  12. OMG, that was LUSH. My instagram doesn't look a darn thing like yours. Sigh. x


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