Thursday, March 8, 2012

my creative space..

stocking the shop with some snugly goodness.. 
it's been a bit like this...

one for me, one for the shop, one for me, one for the shop!

there's a chill in the air, how I love autumn days...

more creative spaces here... 


  1. Theyre lovely - and look very warm!

  2. Mmm you always choose such lovely warm colours. These beautiful cowls will be lovely and warm to wear. There is a little chill in the air, it's a nice refreshing change. x

  3. with yourself and all those boys to crochet for, it's a wonder anything ever gets into the shop.
    i know i have a list a mile long to make for mine.
    i love your chunky cowls.
    so perfect for these icy days. xx

  4. Your creations always hit the gorgeous!!

    I am longing for some cooler weather here.


  5. They look perfect for the cold windy days we are having at the moment.

  6. The "One for me, one for the shop" sounds like a motto I'd like. It can be hard to part with some creations, can't it? That deep grey looks sublime.

  7. Beautiful! Cant wait for the cool breezes so I can whip out some cowls! I looooove that word!

  8. I love cowls - these are gorgeous!x

  9. I have to share something with you that I picked up locally and It had your name all over it....I will post it tomorrow for you......and then how is it possible that I missed your last two post....your kids are growing up right before my eyes....p.S. one has better feet in boots or out ,than!

  10. Stunning! They look so snuggly. We are noticing the change in season, still lovely warm days but the mornings are getting COLD!


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