Sunday, December 18, 2011

xmas accessorising...

 getting into the spirit with festive accessories this xmas season.. 
this ones a custom order, but I'm thinking I might need one too..
 as a little girl I used to love planning my Christmas day outfit..
and it seems nothing has changed..

champagne, good friends, happy kids, pretty outfits &
  smooth sounding carols,

what's not to love!


  1. They are super awesome!

  2. You are way ahead of the times Momma , I just saw on Anthroologie a top like this!!! so amazing and pricey!
    your creative eye is so amazing!

  3. Love the pretty christmassy crochet!

    Leah x

  4. Cute! No idea what I'm going to wear this Christmas... I think a spot of shopping is in order... oh, the horror... ;)

  5. Gorgeous stuff Mel.
    I am loving all the red.

  6. All so very pretty Mel! One day I shall treat myself to one of your beautiful creations! Esp love those 3 shades together. x

    p.s. Parcel is on it's way! :)


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