Monday, December 12, 2011

feeling very lucky...

 and a little bit loved..
I've been doing my xmas shopping online & was very excited to receive a package I ordered from the very clever Wendy with a pressie for my niece (which I can't show, just incase..), but to my surprise & utter joy, I also received this gorgeous keyring just for me!
I cried a tiny bit when I saw it, I just feel so lucky to know these wonderful blogging friends, who do such sweet things just because...

I adore it Wendy, thank you so much!

If you haven't already, you really must pop on over to Wendy's blog, always a fun read & her online store Always Greener is full of beautiful things..


  1. So glad you like it, Mel! Thanks for the blog love...

  2. That is so cool! And so nice - bloggers are the best!X

  3. What a lovely gift and so very perfect for you.

  4. Talk about exceptional customer service, Mel! Lucky you. J x

  5. What a truly beautiful gift!!! I'm so popping over and ordering one too! How sweet of Wendy. Thanks for reminding me of her shop, I keep meaning to have a look. How are things with you Mel? I hope all is well in the lead up to Christmas. Gosh this year has gone fast hasn't it? Is your baby boy off to school next year? Wow. Take care beautiful, see you soon x

  6. Oh it's LOVELY, yes, you are loved by so many but what a grand gesture & neat reminder. Yay for being loved. Love Posie

  7. The world is filled with lovely people isn't it! What a special way to start the week x

  8. so sweet!

    i blogged about one of my nieces christmas gifts today. but given she's 2 i figured she probably wouldn't be checking my blog?!?!?

    rachel xo


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