Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the little things..

this morning our boys woke to find this note left by daddy, he's been travelling a bit of late and was dreading to have  to go again this morning..
 home for a day before going again, we made the most of the warm evening at the beach after school..
I love that he leaves these sweet notes, answering random questions asked by little ones half asleep, as he kisses them goodnight..

See you Friday beautiful man..x


  1. It wouldn't take much to love a good guy like that..writing thoughtful notes to his kids..what a man!

  2. Just precious, Mel. I hope you're keeping that one. I know I have been hunting for similar old noted from my Dad lately - they are to be treasured. What a good man you have there! J x

  3. Oh that's so sweet!! My husband has started writing to our children (on his 5th deployment) & honestly, i could not even tell you what his writing looks like, it's so rare!! They are short little notes written on field note pads (like a mini grid book) & answers random questions too, so cute!!
    Have to admit, it's a bit tough when he goes off to war & all he leaves behind is his wedding band on my bedside table, he really struggles with leaving, a note would ruin him. They have such big hearts these blokes we married, our children are so lucky to have them as Daddies. Love Posie

  4. You are truly blessed, what a gentle soul!

  5. thoughtful Daddys help little boys become thoughtful young men, what a beautiful circle.


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