Monday, September 12, 2011

the weekend...

I spent the whole day in my jammies yesterday... 
what a treat! 
I managed some crochet for the shop while everyone else around here was quite content just to 'be'...
(thanks Pop for the handmade sword!..hhmmm, there's a bow & arrow out there somewhere too)
I love days like this.  As we get closer to the end of term and a super busy week ahead, it's nice to just hang out, no plans to do anything or go anywhere.  The boys enjoyed it with a bit of lego building, some wrestling, indoor cubbies, backyard adventures & booby traps (hhmm, had to pull the pin on that one..) a movie & even a toy box clean out! Meanwhile hubby relished in a day on the couch, flicking through the paper & watching some telly, although he did have a potter in the garden & even managed to cook us some dinner! Lucky, if it was left up to me it may have been toasted sandwiches or takeawy..


  1. Hang Out Days at our place, either totally work or totally don’t. Yesterday ours worked just like yours did. BIG HOORAY!

    PS. I'm still in my jimjams now! On a Monday! (No, I didn't do the school/kinder run).

  2. LOVE days like that - I'm actually having one today !

  3. no-plan days are simply the best. As for staying in pjs - dream! (Did you know that some schools have had to ban parents turning up in their pjs - hilarious!)

  4. Yes I adore days like this...we just got back from a family walk....It always amazes me how much more the kids talk to you on these walks.
    love the booby trap up in the tree....this is a clever strategy!

    we found out my son ran out of money so she had to borrow money to get in to the dance....oh my we have a ways to go and she still accepted a 2nd date. be thankful you have a while yet. I'm going grayer by the minute....

  5. Loving your productivity..does it go with your jamas?

  6. they are the best sorts of days aren't they?Not the excitement filled event filled planned out ones. I take a bummy home day anytime xo
    PS Not that there would have been anything wrong with toasted sandwiches for tea.

  7. Love days in jammies...
    Gorgeous crochet going on there x

  8. magic. sounds like my perfect kind of day (and my hyper husbands worst nightmare!). xo

  9. Oh, aren't those the best sort of days!
    Beautiful scarf lovely!


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