Monday, June 20, 2011

monday delirium...

revamping a thrifted chair
monday...really?? The last three nights I've had next to no sleep, the little guy's sick with croup.  I'm in my own little world of delirium today, but strangely upbeat!
Actually I did take a few hours off on Saturday night to celebrate a gorgeous friends birthday 70's style, with lots of colour, vinyl & fondue!  I think it's all the dancing that has gotten me through til now...
finally mounting a coat rack
A potter in the garden yesterday, tidying the place up a bit & getting odd jobs done...
raking up the last of our autumn leaves
lucky we did, 'cause it doesn't look like we're going to manage anything today other than lots cuddles.....
and hopefully a nap...
it's so wrong of me, but boy is it lovely to have the little guy with no voice! Oh my goodness the peace & quiet is bliss...


  1. It's 70s boogie-ing adrenaline getting you through! Just watch out for the crash and burn on the other side. There was vomit in our house again this weekend and boy did I forget that sleepless Mama crash and burn...did I just string anything like a sentence together??? Ahem.

    (Hope the poppet is better and sleeping soundly through tonight)...

  2. Oh no Mel. I'm so feeling for you, and of course the little guy. But it's you, being the grown up person, that has to be still up and at 'em, even if you do feel like falling over!
    Glad you got to party a bit though in between times.
    Hopefully it will all be back to normal very soon....well as near as normal anyhoo! :)
    Take good care. x

  3. Sounds like you need a good friend to come deliver you a mega sized coffee and a good magazine to flick through while you have couch cuddles with Spiderman!

  4. Nice for a change..though I do hope he is on the road to recovery very soon as tired, sick little boys are not always in the best of moods!

  5. Oh no look at him, poor little thing.
    Hope you guys enjoyed some snuggles today and that you get lots of sleep tonight and feel ontop of the world tomorrow.

  6. Sorry to hear the little man is unwell, it's hard on everyone isn't it? Hope you got a nap today and you both feel better tomorrow.

  7. Love that coat rack! I'm glad i've stumbled across your blog. Thrifting, handmade, and family are three of my fav things also :-)

  8. I bet your 70's outfit was fun....and it is so sweet when they are so snuggly and quiet! and not breaking couches ,beds and windows!
    Have a wonderful week!


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