Sunday, May 15, 2011

seeing the extraordinary in the very ordinary...

another week goes by way too quickly right before my very eyes..

What a week it's been.  Do you believe in fate? Do you believe that things happen for a reason, that somehow the stars align and we find ourselves changed in some way?  There's no big news to share here, just a feeling of contentment, calm and awareness.  I'm not entirely sure where this has come from but it feels nice.  I don't want to get all new-agey on you, but I do believe that chance encounters, coincidental conversations & maybe a little opening up to possibility has turned a very normal week into something quite extraordinary. Amongst this 'normal everyday stuff', today as I reflect, it seems there were some pretty amazing moments that perhaps as they occurred I simply took for granted. 

So, this week I'm grateful for simple things...

Celebrating my youngest brothers engagement, spending time with family & dancing the night away I feel invigorated! It's amazing what a night out can do for your spirit. We had a great time, lots of laughs and one on one chats with my brothers, cousins, aunts & uncles.  Watching the gorgeous couple surrounded by all the people they love, photos of the two of them playing on the big  screen all night long, soul mates so happy & in love..

Giving unexpected gifts and watching the delighted reaction of the recipients..

Saying 'yes' when I would normally say 'no', breaking routine just a little & creating a memorable moment in time..

Getting to know new friends & making contact with old ones after way too many years...

What are you grateful for this week? You can join in with Maxabella's weekly grateful post over here...


  1. Hello I have so missed reading your blog and congrats to your brother!
    I have had to start a new blog!
    Many many new changes but its wonderful to be back around all of you!

  2. I don't believe things happen by accident but as a result of choices we and others make and as I'm not 'new agey'...of God's choice!
    Congrats on your brother's engagement, I'm glad you enjoyed the party so much and reconnected with so many family members. It sounds like you've had a great week!

  3. I believe that everything is connected. I'm not into the whole 'God' thing, so I don't express it that way, but I guess it's all much the same thing! I have faith in humanity. I have faith that everything works out in the end. Things happen the way they're meant to.


  4. What a lovely positive post to read - a breath of fresh air for my Sunday night! Have a lovely week. :-)

  5. I believe that things happen for a reason, whether we can see the reason or not. I've had a huge clanger of a moment of clarity recently. Feels good. Sounds like you had a wonderful week. Congratulations to your brother.

  6. Sometimes it just has to be about Fate, I reckon. But I'm all for the welcoming good stuff in - and the remembering to say 'yes' instead of the usual 'no' (we had apple crumble for breakfast yesterday)...


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