Monday, May 2, 2011

a little help goes a long way...

So it's week four of hubby's holidays and I'm feeling a little bit spoilt for having him home...
While I'm busily re-stocking the shop...
making gifts...
and filling orders...
my man is living a day in the life of me! 
It's fun watching him check & double check the calendar, zip off here & there for pick ups, drop offs, being classroom helper, doing the shopping & cooking dinner.  After he takes the middle guy to basketball training he's off for a riding session for himself - well deserved I'd say! 


  1. Oh how love those crocheted necklaces! I am totally putting them on my mothers day list.

  2. How brilliant that he's doing all those things for you!! Lets them see what its like!

    Love the colours you're using here.
    Our Miss 9 had a go at some fingerless gloves on the weekend. They're a bit loose tho! XX

  3. Nice to have a helper around the house, I bet.How much easier is life when you don't have to stop for the kids? Love all your makings.

  4. I think our men really appreciate all that we do when they walk a day in our shoes.

    Love all your projects here, just gorgeous.

  5. Sounds like you two make a great team! xo


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