Monday, March 28, 2011

it's so peaceful here today with kids at school, the little guy happily playing with lego, no builders about, just quiet...
I should be grocery shopping, or at least preparing something for dinner, but I find myself sitting here, enjoying the silence and working on a few new things...
a cowl in the most lush green, and it's acrylic, I never knew acrylic yarn could feel so soft and delicious! I found another lovely yarn in our local haberdashery that I am going to use to make one of these for my mum, I think she'll love it, but ssshhh, she's on her way down to stay a night or two, I'm so looking forward to it YAY!
I also finished another of these waffle scarves, this time in the prettiest icey blue bamboo, my camera isn't doing either of these pictures justice, the colours are quite something.  I really love working with this bamboo, it feels so weighty and beautiful...

what's happening at your place today?


  1. Really, it should have been a mum who coined the phrase 'Silence is Golden'. You have crafted up some gorgeously snuggly scrunchability.

  2. Your talents are so extraordinary, Mel. Hats off to you, my friend, for creating such beauty. J x

  3. Mel, they are absolutely beautiful!!
    your mum will absolutely LOVE it!
    do you use photoshop or picnik?

    happy week to you ♥

  4. Gosh you make some beautiful things. Makes me want to curl up in front of a fire with a hot chocolate!!!

  5. The scarves and cowls you are making get better with each one..I love the silvery grey you've used here. Lovely to see that you've got moments of peace to enjoy!

  6. I love moments of quiet time to lose myself in some craft.

    Your creations have me yearning for winter :)

  7. I have been painting yuck I can't wait to soon be done!!!

  8. Oh my goodness, those are absolutely gorgeous! Who wouldn't love such a beautiful gift? What lovely work.


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