Friday, March 11, 2011


the week has just whizzed by in a crazy spin! I've lots to be grateful for...

friends who step up & take charge in stressful moments.

mums night out, wow! we are surrounded by some beautiful families & gorgeous ladies to have a ball with on a Saturday night!

brotherly love a bond that grows stronger all the time.  I'm so proud to see our boys all loving each other, offering words of wisdom & encouragement when one of them has had a tough day. This is a rare occurrence, but it does happen & it's so beautiful to see that even though a whole LOT of the time they taunt and annoy one another, when it counts the love is there, stronger than ever.

a new strategy for tackling selective hearing that appears to be working so far! Our 6 year old has been doing my head in with this lately.  My challenge is to 'remain calm at all times'.  Let me just say, the word 'challenge' is quite the understatement.  I will speak once, receive acknowledgement, and await the request to be fulfilled without yelling, without repeating myself, without the battle.  So when asked to pack away toys & this has not been done within a reasonable time, the toys go. Simple. If you are not dressed when we are all ready to go, we leave anyway. Simple.  Things are not happening as promptly as I'd like, but still, it's working.

the happy skip the little guy does when it's time for morning tea, it melts my heart.  He gets so excited & happy whether its a bowl of fruit a tub of yogurt or a big fat muffin. It's his favourite time of day.

Life has been busy.  This time last week we were all recovering from the little guy splitting his chin open at a party.  Actually, his brothers weren't too perturbed, thanks to a lovely friend who calmly sent me on my way, the older two were able to stay at the party while I went rushing off to get my brave baby all stitched up.   He has since split it again so back we went for round two.  The big boy is gearing up for camp next week, which for some reason I'm a little nervous about.  Perhaps it's the distance, maybe that he seems a little fragile & uncertain at the moment, not about camp, he's busting to go, just in general.  I'm going to miss not singing his bedtime song & tucking him in, I know he will miss it too.

And now we head into a very busy, but fun filled long weekend.
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  1. Ouch! Poor little fella. Sounds like you've been through it. My little lady has selective hearing too and she's only mean they don't grow out of it???? Enjoy your saturday night. x

  2. Omg! What a stress for you... Poor little one.

    Have a lovely weekend xox

  3. Sounds like you've had a heck of a week. Hope little guy keeps up a rapid healing process. And thanks for the strategy for tackling selective hearing. I think it may be something we trial here as well.

  4. Lots happening, which is always the way for families isn't it? Challenges, fun, love, the whirl of it all. You seem to roll well with it Mel, I like the way you celebrate your children every day, and also tell it how it is. Parenting is hard yakka but so rewarding too and you cover this so well in your posts. Hope you have a super wonderful weekend xo

  5. You're flat out, Mel. Hope that chin is better!

    I like your strategy for 'selective hearing'. The 'all or nothing' approach is one I am very fond of myself. I use the 1 2 3 (1 = reminder, 2 = warning, 3 = consequences) and remove toys left right and centre. Finding the sweet-spot takes time but at my place a reminder that not doing x will result in a loss of computer time really does the job! x

  6. poor Boy it happens here at the playschool boys more then girls they love jumping but not the looking part. ilove the grey top lovely neck line and colours

  7. sounds like you have a full and wonderful life.
    Good reasons to be grateful and appreciative.
    Mine are at

  8. what a gorgeous post. you are very lucky!


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