Sunday, February 20, 2011

grateful to decompress...

I'm grateful this weekend to decompress.  A little reading, some crochet on my nana couch... 

What a week it's been.  I've had painters painting, builders quoting, plumbers assessing, the electrician in and out.  I think I've had every tradesman you could ever possibly need through our place this week and it does not look good.  It seems our home is suddenly hugely in need of TLC, lots of maintenance & some really big jobs need to be done very soon.  It all happens at once I suppose, isn't that always the way?  I've been unable to sleep some nights worrying about the enormity of what needs doing, the urgency around it & the expense.  

By Friday I was feeling physically sick.  Thank goodness once again for my level headed, clear thinking hubby, who manages to look at things in a practical and not so hysterical way.  One thing at a time, we will manage.  For now decompress...

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  1. we really need men for their practical way of thinking at these moments, don't we? Well, maybe not all men are like this but I know my guy has the same approach as your thing at a time, we will manage!

    Good luck


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  3. Oh Mel, I know how you feel! We have SO MUCH work to do around our place and it is just so daunting. We will get there somehow and so will you. Don't be scared, it will be so great when we have all finished... some day! x

  4. I don't know about you, but our taxes come in this time of year, and we are grateful. It means we have some extra money for those home projects. This year it is a new roof and a much needed swing set for the kids. One thing at a time, is right!!! Good luck.

  5. Sounds like your week has been as full on as mine, just in a different kind of way. Good luck for all the work that needs doing, lose yourself for a few hours in your craft.

  6. one thing at a time is a good way to think about it, if only we could stay focused on that and not worry about everything! enjoy your decompressing time x

  7. I keep thinking of all the things that need doing at my place and it's scary. It definitely is a case of one thing at a time or it becomes overwhelming. Take a breathe, it will be fine.

  8. Oh no! Sounds like your weekend was exactly what you needed I hope you have a better week xox

  9. Gah! I detest the thing that is late night freaking out! Have been doing some of that myself lately. Thank goodliness for your Mr (afraid mine has already fallen asleep!).

  10. I've been randomly picking grateful posts to read and they all mention crochet! Is that a sign? I've been so much into crocheting myself. I hope you weekend has been good and decompressing has worked for you.

  11. We are so alike...thank God everyday for the calm effect sometimes its just the way they say it's alright.....

  12. Hej Mel

    I can physically hear your sighs of relief/decompression...I am exactly the same as sooon as my hubby got in the car from picking him up at the station last Wednesday night...I had one of the worst weeks...I was a complete an utter strrrreeeees head...didn't like myself at all...Sometimes it goes like that...and then Mr Daddy Coool comes along...and heyho everything is calm again on the home front...LOL!
    Hope next week goes well for you


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