Sunday, February 27, 2011

pretty finds...

this gorgeous tin I plan to use as a jewellery box could not be more perfect!
handy bits and pieces...
and these sweet old books were a gift from a lady who thought I could put them to good use, perhaps they'll just join my collection to be read & thoroughly enjoyed...
I found this fabulous yarn on a clear out table for 50 cents & immediately could see it was destined for beautiful things.  I love it's texture & I love what it's becoming... 

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  1. Lovely finds, just lovely! The books and yarn are my favorites! The yarn looks to be turning into something beautiful for sure.

  2. the books look like a treat! i'm wondering what you're doing with that yarn...

  3. Love the look of those books, and the ballet tin is transporting me back in time!

  4. Your photos always look so inviting and beautiful. Love your finds this week.

  5. That tin is gorgeous! I love beautiful tins. x

  6. Loving all your pretty finds Mel. Very sweet tin...will make a fabulous jewellery box yes! Will you dress it up a bit or leave as is?
    One of my fav things to do is read old annuals or mags with their short stories etc. I could get lost in them! :) x

  7. Oh, what wonderful treasures!
    I love those books and the tin is lovely. Can't wait to see what that yarn is becoming!


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