Sunday, January 9, 2011

A new year begins...

I've been completely lost & absorbed in summer holiday lazing, visiting, beaching & relaxing.  It's been a hectic few weeks but I've thoroughly enjoyed having my family around and simply living one day at a time...
the fair...
Now the new year has begun.  We've kicked it off full speed ahead beginning with fireworks on the Bluff which was the most spectacular & mesmerising sight.  This was the first time our boys have stayed up til midnight so it was incredibly exciting, maybe just a little bit challenging but very much worth it! We've also had lots of birthdays, a christening & my baby brother announced his engagement to his gorgeous gorgeous girl, his soul mate!  And already its time for Hubby to go back to work, family head home & it's time to clear out & tidy up around this place. 
I've been busy making a few pieces for two new stockists which I'm very excited about.  It's always so lovely to have people admire & comment on my work, and so to have been asked to pop some things into a couple of local stores has just about blown my mind! It sure is a learning experience, but it's an exciting opportunity and I can't wait to see where it leads me.  So here's to a very promising 2011 for Loved, we're off to a good start so far!
lazing with the Great Aunts...
beaching with friends...
Though for now, there are still 3 more weeks left of our holiday season and I plan to bask in the joy this beautiful seaside town has to offer... 


  1. I'm more than a little envious of your long long holiday - enjoy your next 3 weeks! And best of luck with Loved- looks gorgeous!


    Sounds like you are all having a wonderful time!!!
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your summer

  3. Oh yay, welcome back Mel. Have you been riding your bike too?? I have, i have the sore bottom to show for it too!! Love Posie

  4. How exciting....and what a lovely holiday you had with family! I'm so happy you love your new sis-n-law to be I wish I could trade mine in and now they are having a baby!!
    P.s. I still am in love with your new wheels!

  5. What a lovely post Mel, lots of gorgeous shots of happy days. I'm so happy for you re your work doing well and have new stockists, well done! Enjoy the rest of your summer holiday, l hope it floats by in a joyful haze xo

  6. The wouldn't be SA by any chance? We've been at Waitpinga and Horseshoe Bay already these childhood revisited!!!
    enjoy :-)

  7. I think you have a great plan there..basking in all the seaside town has to offer...for three more weeks...that'll set you up for the rest of the year! Enjoy!!

  8. A big welcome back to you Mel! I've had a break from blogging too, but definitely nowhere near as much fun as yours has been!!
    Some fabulous images there too, and big congrats on Loved moving onward and upward. Yay! May it continue....... xoxo

  9. Sounds like your holidays are going swimmingly.
    Aussie,summer hols, beach, family, sunshine, friends, what more could you ask for?
    Best wishes for 2011

  10. Looks like you've been having a very good time!Happy New Year Mel.Wishing you all the very best in the New Year.

  11. Sounds like a lovely break. It's nice to get out of the house. Looking forward to checking in on your lovely blog in 2011.

  12. Sounds like a wonderful start to the year! Enjoy the rest of the holidays :-)

  13. Ps did you realise in your side bar it says Loved at Madit? instead of Madeit? :-)

  14. oh your holiday sounds so blissful. I went back to work today and am envious of your long break. How lovely to make the most of the gentle pace with your family. Enjoy.

  15. Happy new year! Oh, some sun for a bit of basking around these parts would be wonderful!

    Congratulations on the new stockists as well. It must be a wonderful feeling. :)


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