Sunday, January 23, 2011

grateful today...

for the freedom to be whoever you want to be!
shades & bling picked up at a garage sale this morning
I adore that our two little guys love to dress up.  Sometimes, like today, they go without the full suit but they always have some quirky accessory that serves some kind of meaningful purpose.  In fact, our 6 yr old doesn't even consider it to be 'dressing up', to him its just being whoever he feels like being on the day, accessories and all! The best part is that he doesn't notice people stare, he says 'Hi' to them casually when they seek him out and comment on his attire.  I am so grateful that he does what he loves & that he is just who he is, may he always have that freedom...

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  1. Gorgeous boys Mel, and very cool finds at the garage sale!

    Mr rabbit has just been donated to Hope Softies......thanks for the idea.

  2. I love that you let him express this! It won't be long and I guess he'll stop doing it...but it is so lovely while it lasts :-)
    Lovely gratefuls Mel :-)

  3. I love this post Mel! I love it when my kids express themselves in their crazy outfits and I love it when I see others looking all done up and amazing. I hope your boys don't grow out of it in a hurry.

  4. They'll be creative forever with this sort of spirit and with you as their mum. Lucky boys. x

  5. beautiful post Mel,
    it's sad when we stop being who we really want to be & try to fit into this puzzle in life.

    keep being whoever you want to be little ones

  6. Oh i LOVE this, i never bought costumes & never really thought of them as dress ups as my 4 would LOVE accessories!! Nothing like a boy wearing shades & beads. Better yet, his parents letting him. Love it, love Posie

  7. I love that kids can just be themselves without the outside influences...and to parents who allow them to do just that. My 8yo loves dressing up and often will be seen outside donned in something or other.

    Have passed an award that I received on to you.

  8. Hello! it's been too long since I popped by your blog. I love the new look and just finished perusing your furniture makeovers :)

    Have a lovely Monday!!!

    xTracey @ thriftnestsew

  9. those welding goggles are just the bomb!
    hmm need at least three pairs as well I think for our tribe . . . if the have as much fun as yours are it is well worth the "investment"

  10. I love how your boys are full of life and character, that they enjoy expressing themselves and are happy to be them. I just love watching children dressing up and having fun. Beautiful post. xo

  11. Cool kids! Sounds like your a great Mum :-)

  12. Hej Mel!
    What a sweet cute post...awwww
    You took me back to when my boys were little :D They are teenagers now
    Fond memories of my 2 boys, the eldest one in particular LOVED dressing up...even in his sister's tutu and my high heeled brown boots, his Dad was a bit worried when he was still doing at 6/7...but like you innocent, they are 'just' in that moment...wish I could live my life more like that.
    Happy Days...
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your boys always

    P.S. Thank you for your lovely comments always

  13. hello mel, i've not dropped in for a while now , i usually have a little look in my reader but never click over to comment , just don't seem to have any time nowadays .now having actually clicked onto your blog i see it's all changed and lovely ....your 7 things about yourself make me like you even more and as for these little fellas.....loved lovely and cute as've reminded me of my son at about 6 insisting on getting a scuba mask in the charity shop and wearing it walking all the way home with his head at 90degresss to his body.... ahhh , now he's 14 it's really just not the same .....??????


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