Thursday, December 9, 2010

it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas...

I'm busily keeping up with orders this festive season, the post office staff know us very well these days, they've even enlisted the little guys help on stamp sorting & posting duties during visits which has been fun...
I love the hustle & bustle that surrounds us this time of year! Yes it's crazy busy, each day has it's share of tears & tantrums and it's nearly impossible to remember everything that's going on at any given moment (even with a trusty calendar in full view!), but I do love the fun & excitement of it all!
I love how our Christmas lights look at night time, the extra treats in the cupboard, the neighbourly drinks on a summers afternoon, the cards & gorgeous handmade ornaments that come home each day from school and the anticipation of holidays just around the corner...


  1. Its Crazy having Christmas in the summer, obviously having never experienced it, but I think it may well be a nicer experience!
    Have fun

  2. You're such a busy bee, Mel! I so admire your bountiful creativity and drive. You are an inspiration. Have a fab day. J x

  3. Oh ! I love it too !
    Good to hear that you are busy with orders :)
    Enjoy all the festive fun, Dee x

  4. The stuff you've made all are gorgeous! No wonder its flying off the racks :)) You have a wonderful Christmas Season.

  5. your've conjured a christmas image i'd never thought of,.....sharing neighbourly drinks in the afternoon,,,sounds really lovely.....and probably much more social than here where everyones' been warned that the streets are like glass to walk on....i've been house bound for 2 weeks now,....i'm not complaining mind ! it's where i love to be but i've done nothing for xmas yet children are 20 and 14 and it's just not the same anymore....sounds great round at yours ....and as always mel i really love to get your comments , thanks elaine

  6. What a wonderful and comforting post. Thanks for the smile!


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