Friday, December 17, 2010


Well it's been an absolute whirlwind of a year! We are finishing up school this week, saying goodbye to incredible teachers & preparing ourselves for the changes ahead.  I know I've said it before, but we have been blessed with the most wonderful teachers so far, this time each year the big boy gets a little anxious & teary thinking about the unknown for the coming year, admittedly, I get a little emotional too, as a parent you simply want your child to be happy.  Next year we have two new teachers, so we know nothing about them, but I have a good feeling deep down that all will be ok...

Our preppie received his 2nd star of the week award for the year, bursting with pride.  We finally got through a year of 3yr old kinder, it took us the whole 12 months to finally send him off happily without screaming & begging me to take him home with me, let's hope next year is easier...
(all so tired & yes, the big boy is well overdue for a haircut!)
And we're getting ready for christmas time, family time, lazy holiday time.  I can't help remembering the nightmare that was last christmas, I get a bit teary at the very thought, but for some reason its in the forefront of my mind most every day.  We had our big boy, all of 8yrs old, with one of the most horrifying cases of appendicitis.  He was sick a few days with excruciating tummy pain, we were told that he had a virus & because the other two were also sick, it sort of made sense, but in the pit of my stomach I knew it was more than that.  From then on I promised my boys & myself that I will always follow that mothers instinct & be one of those pushy demanding parents when it comes to this sort of thing.  It turns out, after dragging him on a 3 hour round trip that he ended up in hospital boxing day for emergency surgery.  He had a massive abscess in his stomach, which formed over some time due to his burst appendix.  Following surgery with tubes everywhere was a collapsed lung, extreme fluid retention where his body blew up so much he was almost unrecognisable, and then after 2 weeks in hospital dramatic weight loss, it was all so frightening, a terrifying experience, which has had quite a profound impact on him as a person & in many aspects of his little life. 

So this christmas I am very grateful to have us all here together, healthy, happy and ready to enjoy our summer...

(shamefully this picture was taken at 9am this morning with school mums on their way over for an end of year clink, clink!)
Wishing you all a very happy christmas and
thank you for your friendship, for the laughs, the enlightening conversation & meaningless chatter, it's all been wonderful!  


  1. Oh your poor boy ! And you! That's awful. Here's to a very healthy and happy Christmas and New Year and holiday break in your house. I hope the only stomach aches are from overindulging in deliciousness like those in your last photo.
    Have a very Merry Christmas, Dee x

  2. Wishing you a lovely Christmas and thanks for the ideas, the laughs and sharing of special moments.... what a scary last Christmas and thank goodness for mothers instinct...

  3. Oh, Mel! What a terrifying ordeal for you all. I'm not surprised you might be getting flashbacks. You're so right - the power of a mother's instinct should never be underestimated. Thank goodness for your little man he has you as his advocate. J x

  4. Oh what a stressful time it must have been last year. Wishing you lots of happiness and health this Christmas - and may happy memories dull the frightening memories of last year for you and your family.

    We've had a rollercoaster week of emotions with Doots finishing preschool - I was totally unprepared for the tears (my own!) when she finished up. I also have some anxiety about her starting kindergarten next year - oh gosh! - it's so hard to hand our children over to teachers we don't yet know isn't it? I've just gotta take a deep breath and relax now, get through Christmas and enjoy our summer!

    All the best Mel!

  5. What a terrible experience to have had with a young child. I'm glad he has made a good recovery and wish you a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.

  6. What a scary tale! Brave boy. But a great reminder to trust that mama-bear instinct. Beautiful photo of your three boys there. Have a wonderful Xmas this year, full of new memories to replace the last ones. xx

  7. You must be looking forward to just being home this christmas. Those memories sound horrendous. I would be the same - remembering all the things that had happened this time last year. You can't help it.

    They look so grown up in the photo. And very handsome! Have a lovely christmas together with loads of hugs.

    (we might be over there next month if our house goes through with no problems!XX)

  8. Oh gosh, that sounds like an absolutely awful experience... just horrid. No wonder it's traumatised him somewhat, not a good memory to have. Let's hope this Christmas is much, much better!

    It was my last day of 'school' today, and then we had a bit of a staff 'do' after school to finish up the year. Then I went and had a massage, and now I'm just looking forward to the stretch of holidays. Yay!!

    I'm sure your kidlets will do well with the new teachers next year.

    Linda. xox

  9. I'm sure this Christmas will be far less stressful for you Mel, and I hope you lovely ladies had a glass for me this morning after I had to trudge off to work!

  10. makes us appreciate even more what we have!!
    sending all our love to you gorgeous lady, have a beautiful relaxing christmas and new year.
    LOVE your work!!
    see you soon xx

  11. The nine year old next door has just come home after a ten day stint in hospital for much the same – minus the collapsed lung but with an anaphylactic response to some drugs that did not respond to adrenaline. Her mum still looks shellshocked. I only have to think of a small, nearly amputated finger and I feel nauseous. Sweet lady, I wish you a peaceful and joyous Christmas and holiday season. xxx

  12. what an awful traumatic experience! hopefully this Christmas is many many many times more healthy, fun, carefree and amazing!

    Enjoy the lazy holiday time! It was my last day for the year as well yesterday and after cleaning up classrooms today I am looking forward to a MAJOR sleep in tomorrow!

  13. Oh my what a heartwarming make me cry post sososo much to be thankful for! as my kids are fighting now music to my ears!

  14. and thank you so much Mel for all the laughter, conversations and meaningless chatter as well! It's been an absolute joy having you as a bloggy friend and I hope it continues for a long time to come.
    Wishing you and yours a glorious Christmas, filled with so much peace and joy and hope for a fantastic future for you all. (definitely minus all the scary bits this time!! :)) xoxo

  15. merry christmas...go lightly.

    ps. i love his hair!

  16. Oh my - I hope this Christmas is MUCH less dramatic for you. I love his hair, too. And I LOVE the crocheted necklace you made as part of Maxabella's giveaway - just divine. Grateful she has such clever friends. :-)

  17. What a drama!! And, of course, you will remember it every single Christmas. He's a lucky boy.

    I hope you get lots and lots of relaxing time over Christmas. You've so earned it!!! x

  18. Check out your handsome sons. My last baby didn't like me leaving him at preschool, i know he was fine afterwards but it was hard work. The other 3 just loved having some non mummy time. Ah, bless their little hearts. Wishing you all the best for a super successful 2011 with that gorgeous family of yours, love to you Mel, love Posie

  19. Just had to become a follower today as I know you have been generously coming over to my site and leaving encouraging messages from time to time! I am so glad your big boy got through last Christmas and hope for you all that there is nothing but peace and joy and laughter abounding in your home this season!

  20. Aloha lovely!
    Your blog is quite applaudable!
    Here's cheers to you this festive season!
    Keep up the brilliant posts!
    AND Merry Christmas x x

  21. Oh gosh - what a horrifying experience - it's terrible to feel helpless when someone you love is in pain. I'm so glad he recovered.
    Actually I just dropped by to let you know that I have popped a link to you on my post tonight, just because!!
    Hope you have a much more relaxing xmas this year!!

  22. Oh my God what a terrible experience!!It must be terrible to watch your own child be in pain. I am glad that everything turned ot well in the end..
    Happy holidays to you and your kids too!!

  23. Enjoy this last week before Christmastime. Happy happy holidays my friend! xxxx

  24. Have a wonderful Christmas with your tribe. Don't you love not worrying about school runs :)
    Look forward to seeing more of your creations next year !


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