Saturday, November 27, 2010

a little serenity...

The Serenity prayer!

"Lord grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change
the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference..."

Boy, have I been talking a whole lot of that to myself this week!

* Broken vacuum for the 4th time in 2yrs, now past its warranty period.  Let me just tell you that I use this vital piece of machinery every single day, not to go through the entire house (infact I only do upstairs every few weeks, eek!) but to quickly pick up those breakycrumbs, playground dirt & all manner of odds & ends. Repeat, VITAL piece of equipment, for which I paid a ridiculous amount of money.

* Hot water service busted, pilot light won't stay lit! I have showered 3 times this whole week!

* No access to my emails for 4 days, goodness knows whats waiting there, people no doubt cursing my inaction & just plain rudeness for not responding to them..

*A thrip plague, as if the mozzies weren't bad enough, now I can't even hang washing outside.

*Hubby away for a few days with work, the kids are pining, the little guy asking " Is Daddy home tomorrow? Is it tomorrow yet?". The big boy asking if we could just send Dad a text to ask his advice on this & again on that & again on something else..

And now, I look at my list of whinging & whining & it all seems so insignificant when you look at what other people are living through around the world at the moment.  So...

* I am blessed to have a healthy, mostly happy little bunch of people surrounding me. 

*It is almost Christmas & we are going to put up our decorations, while playing christmas tunes nice & loud, yay!

* I have a little something in the pipeline which practically just 'happened' completely unexpectedly and I am very excited about it, so the future's looking bright..

* I have my coffee & my vegemite toast on this rainy morning while the boys happily build the worlds most elaborate train track.

So, if that top list there is all I have to complain about, life's pretty good & I am grateful


  1. Oh, Mel - what a horrid week you've had! Has Telstra come good yet? I hope so. Oh, and that your weekend is full of unexpected delights. J x

  2. As my Grandmother used to say 'This too will pass', let's hope that it happens soon and everything in your world is 'righted' quickly.

    Your writing about your start to today evoked a wonderful image with the boys playing, these really are the times to be treasured.

    I hope that there are lots of lovely moments like this scattered throughout your weekend and the week to come,

    Felicity x

  3. Oh wow....hope you have a happy weekend. We all need a little serenity don't we!! :)

  4. Ooh. Can't wait to find out more about your 'little something'. :-)

  5. Life is a roller coaster alright!! Technology seems to be eluding you right now, frustrating!! Cuddle the boys & let them google their answers - my guys do that when Daddy is away. Clearly 2 science degrees renders me unable to answer anything important. Had to explain AM & FM radio today, thanks 1st year Physics!! Love Posie

  6. You got a lot on your plate! But I'm sure you'll have fun doing 'em all. I too am blaring out the Christmas tunes now. Happy weekend!

  7. Fabbo, Mel. If you can find such good things to be grateful for after the week you've had, you'll go very far indeed.

    I am DYING to know what you've got in the pipes for the future... a few little hints have been dropped now and I'm that excited for you. Can't wait for the big reveal. x

  8. I so know how life without a vacuum cleaner is like...ours blew up last year and it drove me crraazzy. Hoping you get everything going your way again soon. That prayer is fantastic. May have to write that one on the inside of my eyelids...or at least the mirror ;)

  9. oh god weeks like that are horrid. Love your list of thankful xox

  10. I love your blog! It's very pleasantly designed :) I am now following you and hope you can follow back at


  11. xx hugs to you for your week and LOVED your gratefuls xx

  12. Mel, were on the same page we drove 200 miles to Anchorage for Thanksgiving and my parents broke down in front of costco so Phil and my dad drove home with the boys, while Mom, Mimi and I stayed in Anchorage til maybe Tuesday to wait for repairs and On the way home our truck broke down,arhhhh! Were all healthy though!!!

  13. Sweetie sweetie should we start making little bundles of clothe?

    Should we pray for pink?

    Are the pipelines full of magic?

    Well? DO TELL. We are anxious here for some news.

    God bless you and your family.



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