Wednesday, October 6, 2010

through the window...

I'm joining in with the lovely Swedish House meme today 'through the window'...
this is a view from our dining/living room window on this rather foggy spring morning.  It overlooks our front veranda & is a favourite spot to sit in the summer to enjoy the cool southerly breeze from the ocean.  I do love this window (especially when my mum has been down to work her magic on cleaning it!). My little outdoor setting was found piece by piece at various op-shops, so satisfying when you find just the right things & they all work together!  We have been horrified to discover just yesterday, an enormous huntsman spider who has also taken to our front veranda.  In the 5 years we have lived down here we have never seen one of these spiders in or around our home.  They were always around as I was growing up in the country & in Melbourne in various homes but never ever here...till now! He boldly greeted me at the front door yesterday, and as I made a hysterical dash inside, he casually followed.  I ran to get a broom to shoo him back out, which he reluctantly did, jumped to the ground & headed back towards the front door! After sweeping him off into the garden with every hair on my body standing on end, I go out to find him back waiting at the door this morning.  He should thank his lucky stars he wasn't splattered at first sight, but as we have a freakish mozzie problem at the moment, I'm going to let him stick around...he better have an appetite for mozzies...


  1. Oh, Mel, what a lovely outlook for you. It's so calm and serene. An absence of loud primary colours (unlike here on Planet Baby ☺). Yuck, I grew up with huntsmen spiders and still remember their pudgy legs. Best of luck with working out how to get rid of him, not to mention the pesky mozzies! J x

  2. That's a great window. Love all the panes!

  3. The rest of the huntsman community must be living at my house. We've always got a few hanging around.
    Love your outdoor setting, it suits your front verandah and looks so welcoming.

  4. What a gorgeous view.... sigh... just gorgeous. I could see myself sitting out there having a cup of tea every day!!

    That huntsman is really determined. I'm afraid he may not have lived if he'd been at my front door... I'm the 'screaming almost hysterically' type when it comes to spiders. Although I do seem to be getting a little calmer about them in my middle age. :) :)

    Linda. xox

  5. The only good spider is a squished one!

    Oh, and you have a lovely view out your window!

  6. I really like you windows, in fact your whole house looks cool, well except your red wall!That's very hot!
    I looked up Huntsman spiders, OMG there are scary!
    We call all our spiders Brian, it kinda removes the fear for the girls, but I don't think its gonna work for you!

  7. I can't do spiders, big weather spiders are fine, i just leave them where i can see them!! Great idea to do a window meme, love Posie

  8. What a beautiful view. I so hear you on those huntsmans, they used to give me the s*#@'s when I lived in Aussie.

  9. Eeeep!!! I love the view - but that spider story is worrying. I hope he just sticks to keeping the mossies at bay from now on and not trying to come inside!

    One morning I found a giant huntsman had taken up residence on my kettle - there was nothing I could do but deal with the problem ... I couldn't miss my caffeine fix just because of a spider! ;)

  10. Looks like a nice little spot to sit down and relax, just without the spider though. Beautiful furniture pieces look perfect out there.:)

  11. Hello Mel

    Thank you for sharing your view.
    What a fantastic calm space...
    A beautiful verandah
    I love all those window panes

    I have really enjoyed the first
    Thank you

  12. We have something in common. I found an ENORMOUS spider on my porch wall today. It's not the first time, and as long as they stay out I just shoo them away. Once I let my bathroom window opened and a giant one came in. I found him in the shower, unfotunately while I was in it...what a shock that was. They don't impress me that much since then, if I survived that, I can survive to anythig.
    You have a lovely veranda, I like those white chairs and table.


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