Saturday, October 2, 2010

I am grateful for...& a christmas challenge...

I'm playing along with two Saturday rituals this week, Maxabella's grateful post & the handmade christmas challenge which today is filled with gorgeous linens & pretty cottons...
I love finding a special little something to wear on christmas day and to the christmas parties throughout the festive season.  As I've taken on the 'challenge of the utmost kind', I am going to do my best at accessorising little numbers that I already have & perhaps the odd indulgent handmade purchase from some super talented local crafters. 
I am ever so grateful for the markets at this time of year which are fabulous, not only for the amazing handmade clothes & accessories but also for the fun & chill-out atmosphere.  My favourite thing on a Sunday over the warmer months is to head off to the local markets with the boys, wander with a coffee, listen to some great local musical talent & run into lovely friends..
I'm also grateful for my beautiful man who gets sooo excited when it comes to his vegie garden & using his very own freshly grown produce to make delicious things for us all...

pop on over to Tracey's & Maxabella's to join in...


  1. Gulp. You know I'll still be in Christmas denial come the second week of December, right? That aside, I'm loving those neutrals and all those greens just made me realise that summer is Just Around The Corner...

  2. Bless! Boys that grow and cookrock!
    I love them! I've got one too, can't beat a nature boy :)
    I love rainbow chard too, we just pulled the last of our veggies up and have sown clover for over winter.

  3. What a guy! thats amazing it looks so fresh and yummy.
    I have to get started yet on christmas My Mom leaves tomorrow so I will finally have a little catch up time! I will miss her but I'm ready as is she to go home to my Dad.

  4. What a lovely blog! I found you over at 'My Swedish House'----I'm SO glad I did!

    Having a husband who gardens AND cooks-----he's a keeper for sure! Mine doesn't cook, but he does have a little herb garden from which he makes teas and tinctures.

    Can it really be that Christmas is so close? Because we are still feeling the pinch of our recession here in the States, we are forced to cut back, make do, and create gifts from scratch----I don't feel at all sorry, though; it's what we should have been doing all along.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Blessings, Patti

  5. I'm sure your creation out of linen and cotton will look amazing.....and that yummy dish your hubby is making will taste amazing!

    I sometime wish we lived closer to the bigger markets so I could walk, sip coffee and listen to music......sounds so relaxing!

  6. Oh yay! So lovely to see a pic of your man and his lovely greens.
    I hope you have found some treasures this weekend and I am very excited to see a pic of your new outfit.

  7. Great picture of a very proud husband ... the salad looks so fresh and the fabric above is stunning!

  8. I love men that have green thumbs and can cook. Wow. Lucky you.

  9. Ah a husband who grows his own veggies and cooks, can I borrow him please?


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