Friday, September 17, 2010


The school concert is done & dusted, what a gorgeous night!  I love the school concert & all it's amateur glory, with the kids sooo excited, some very nervous, some giving a huge sigh of relief that it's over as they walk boldly off stage, some not wanting to leave the stage.  I love the costumes clever Mum's put together (I must say I got off very lightly this year!), the proud parents clapping & cheering..and I especially love that we are under strict instruction to turn up the next day whenever we are ready, after a big sleep in! That doesn't actually happen at my house, unfortunately, due to sadly early risers we still get there well before the bell rings, but I like that we are allowed to...  
getting into character...
trying to pull off a 'jo cool' pose like his big brother (doesn't quite work in a pink piggy outfit)
the tail...a temptation for every prep in sight, many a curl check was done before he went on stage..
My pickpocket & piggy did a great job & had a ball on stage with their friends.  Now holidays are about to begin & we can't wait to do a whole lot of nothing!  


  1. Oh thanks for sharing how the costumes turned out....I love the tail!

  2. Oh the tail, just too gorgeous. Is your boy a bottom wiggler?? My son would have spent the entire time wiggling & shaking that tail. Love Posie

  3. They are both just utterly adorable... and macho, of course ;) That little tail is irresistable.

    Just letting you know that I linked to Loved and your blog on my post today. x

  4. Cute photo's!! Don't they both look ace? Glad it was such a fun night, enjoy your holidays xo

  5. That is so cute! Your boys are goregous!
    I missed my girls first nativity because I was in hospital, can't wait for this year!

  6. How adorable! Love the piggy tail too :)

  7. hello mel, nice to be back again, thanks for your comment, wetelepathically connected ???i've not been here for a while, things looking very lovely and very happy as usual, your just starting your hols as we're just finishing .It's getting very autumal round here. brrrrrr

  8. What a great night. I have the most wonderful picture of little piggy that I must share with you. You're going to love it. Thank goodness holiday's are here. Typing this as your husband screams at my tv with my husband! Oh yes, got to love it when the Maggies win!

  9. Their costumes look great! Happy holidays!:)


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