Monday, September 20, 2010

at my house...

Holidays have kicked off with one wicked case of head lice - eeeewwww! It's our first time & it is truly so revolting.  We've been lucky to get by so long without ever having it, I guess it was inevitable.  So we've treated the whole family (twice!!), even though there was only one little culprit, all of us hibernating the entire day Saturday with our greasy but fortunately sweet smelling heads (it might have been nice to know there was a 30 minute alternative at the time of purchasing our 8 -12hr grease bucket), stripped every bed & cushion & given the house a spring least this makes me feel a little better...
and now we've all recovered from our late night at the concert, de-loused & ready to enjoy our holidays.  Fingers crossed the weather warms up so we can spend some time at the beach, go for walks & maybe a picnic or two...Our fruit trees are covered in blossom, which is the prettiest sight to see, hopefully this means loads of fruit this summer...

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  1. Now that's what I call a spring clean - right down to your scalps! You're very thorough. I had no idea there were treatments that took that long. The 30-minute ones smell terrible though, so maybe it was worth it? Maybe. Enjoy the holidays!

  2. oh no...enjoy the holidays and your blossoms are beautiful.

  3. Poor you and yours Mel!! Horrible little suckers aren't they? Think we only had a problem with them once with my stepdaughter, many years ago, but would you believe I actually had a bit of a run in with them myself when I was about 17 or 18 when one of my co-workers came into work with them? Not nice indeed!
    and at least it's one way to get a really clean house too! ;o)))))
    Such sweet little blossoms too. Do they have a perfume?
    Have a fab week Mel. x

  4. Yay for the holidays, boo for the head lice... sneaky little buggers they are. At least everything is fresh and clean!

    We had our school concert last week... all day rehearsal on Tues and 2 shows (matinee and night) on Thursday. I'm the director of it and basically organise the whole thing (which is bigger than Ben Hur), so I'm seriously relieved it's all over and went so well! Just the DVD sales to go now - lol.

    Enjoy the hols... hopefully the weather will bring us some beautiful Spring days!

    Linda. xox

  5. Arg, nits! I'm scratching away here... I do everytime I hear the word nits (scratch, scratch). I've had to treat Max FIVE times this year. Groan. Poor little fella. Fortunately his sisters have not succumbed. I don't know what I'd do if Cappers got nits in her mop... x

  6. oh, I remember the nit treatments.... Such a horrible childhood memory. That little fine toothed comb was the worst..... Glad you are nit free and ready to enjoy the holidays!

  7. Ohhh noooo! Goose got that a couple of years ago - twice! That fine, fine comb on the curly hair of a child who passionately detests having her hair brushed was not fun!!

    I remember the recommendation being to do it again 7 days later to be on the safe side.......

    Lovely blossoms! What fruit do you have?

  8. We only ever had them once here but they stayed for a loooong visit , rotton things !
    Oh yes I do mean the nits , lol !

  9. im a teacher and i had one mum tell me she diluted dog flea treatment and it got rid of the nits and her son hadnt had them in 3 yrs even tho they are always at school. i put a few drops tea tree oil in my shampoo, also just giving the kids hair a wee spray with hair spray everyday will keep them away (they dont like product).

  10. Happy happy holidays!
    Do enJOY S*P*R*I*N*G !!
    I tend to do Spring cleanings too.
    Have a great week. xx

  11. Oh dear. No good. We are yet to come across lice at our house but I am sure the day will come! I guess it means your house has had a spring clean this year whether planned or not. It would feel nice to be all freshened up.

    I hope the holidays go along without any more excitement! Thanks for joining in again this week. Lou.

  12. Oh the joys of headlice! As a primary teacher, I get to see the little lovelies on a daily basis! Nearly every night I get Hubby to check my hair coz surely it's just a matter of time before one little lice to jump it's way in my hair during reading groups or teacher cuddles!! Ewww!
    At least it gave you a good chance to do a Spring Clean...I'm looking for some inspiration to do a BIG house clean!!

  13. The picture of the blossoms at your house is just beautiful. How nice to see those each day. And headlice are just the worst things to get rid of, we are over them in our house too. I hope you get on top of the nits:)

  14. Yep it sucks but we've avoided the bastards in Canberra. Living in Darwin, that was another story, oh i cried & cried about head lice. Nothing more romantic than your husband checking your hair??!! Stop it, you're making me have hysterical head lice, must stop typing, need to scratch head, love Posie

  15. I remeber when my sisters kids came back from a trip with them and I helped her clean up and shampoo. so much WORK!! sorry but its rewarding with a clean house.
    I hate to admit this but I once thought I had bed bugs so I burned all my bedding and I didn't have them, I really miss that down quilt and featherbed.

  16. AAAAH! Same thing happened in my house last year.I did the whole house and all of us, even though all I saw was a few eggs in one wee ones hair.
    I had a flaky scalp for months after.
    Now I just put a couple of drops of tea tree oil in the shampoo and it seems to do the trick.
    I feel your pain!
    I love those blossoms though.
    Its nice to be able to see someone elses spring and summer as ours is fading.


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