Sunday, August 29, 2010

at my house...

the boys are in the kitchen cooking up a storm...
Hubby's preparing a few dishes for the freezer to pull out on those busier days..
I'm out the back with power tools...
and the superhero's get their groove on...
so wish you could see these two little guys in action,oh the moves - hilarious!!
share what's been happening at you place over here...


  1. Great pics! I love the snapshots of your happy, busy little home. Good vibes.

  2. One lovely happy family! Happy new week too. xxx

  3. Yummo Homemade Pizza is always good. Hehe..the most dangerous tool I go near on a reasonably regular basis is a staple gun:)

  4. That pizza looks GOOOOD!
    Haaa love doing the power tools and Hubby doing the cooking! You go GIRL!

  5. Love the role reversal, I hope you had fun with the power tools!
    Home made pizza, you are making me hungry, it looks so good :)

  6. That pizza looks great and like the other comments above me, I love that it is hubby in the kitchen stocking the freezer while you are out with the power tools! Sounds like a fun and productive time at your house.

    Thanks for joining in again this week. Once again, lovely to visit your house. Lou

    PS - What are the favourite tunes for superheroes?

  7. Oh your house looks like a lovely household :-) Lovely food and such cutie boys!! (and hard working parents :-D )


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