Tuesday, July 6, 2010

gorgeous goodies...

A few fun things I picked up at Daylesford on the weekend...
gorgeous goodies from Lark, gifts for some sweet littlies, it's so nice to buy for girls...
I met Tania from Myrtle & Eunice, it was so exciting to put a face to a name & I LOVE her beautiful tea towels & quirky cards - thanks Tania!
a paper bunting kit from greenolive design, looking forward to putting this together for the big boys room. 

We also bought a cute knitted beanie for the little guy, books, delicious handmade chocolates... between the markets, trash 'n treasure & some lovely shops, there just weren't enough hours in the day!


  1. Oh, it sounds all too wonderful. The jealousy I tell you! I love all your goodies and I do love Tania's work and her sense of humor. I have the same tea towel and at first thought I wouldn't use it and would keep it looking lovely and new. It has however become the most reached for tea towel and I don't mind that it looks well used. :)

  2. Gorgeous goodies indeed.
    So pleased you had such a great time. Maybe you'll come back some time and we can meet. X

  3. Hi! What a gorgeous blog and such beautiful creations! I love your little bird canvas :)

    Pop by our page and say hi

  4. Wow great purchases, the little teapot is too cute!

  5. OH how I LOVE Daylesford!
    was it the makers market??
    I am desperate to go there, it sounds fabulous!

  6. What a lovely collection of goodies from the markets! I think the bunting will be a hit with the boys!

    Kids are in bed watching Alice in Wonderland, still laughing and screaming......I think the big chololate hit on the cake might have something to do with it!

    Thanks for visiting.

  7. Wow you found amazing items let me know when your done with the pink teapot, love it.
    You had a great time with family!

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  9. gorgeous finds! I must get down to Daylesford some day.

  10. yay! it's the little things that make you smile! I love that crocheted teaset- adorable. xo m.

  11. i decided not to go and now i wish i had, such lovely treasures.


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