Wednesday, June 30, 2010

to my happy place...

So, hubby's been sick for a few days now with some horrible bug.  He's been sleeping most of the time, very little appetite & no energy for much more than the odd movie.  We had him settled up in the spare room so that he could pretty much just get himself over it & hopefully keep it to himself, but it seems our big boy is now on a downward spiral & he's been struck too...
  and so, in between tending the sickies I shall go to my happy place & hope the rest of us are spared...

I'm working on another crocheted rug.  The idea was stripes in random colours & widths but it's not working for me, I don't think I can do random...the conundrum, do I persevere, or start pulling?


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you guys have been inflicted with a dose of sickness. There is so much going around at the moment. Hope they both have a quick recovery. If random doesn't work, continue the rest to mirror the width's of what you've already done - that way you don't need to pull out anything and it will look like a planned design.

  2. That sounds just like what my little man has had for the last week, and now I am starting to feel it creeping up on me, boo hoo. I'm not one for random either, so I agree that trying to "mirror" what you have already done will work.

  3. Yuk! I hope you are spared from those disgusting winter germs.
    Love that crochet is your happy place, mine too. And I don't think I could do anything random either.

  4. oh I do hope everyone is really well soon xx

  5. What fun picture of your crazy crocheting. Warm winter wishes. Sending some Summer Sunbeams your way! xx

  6. Your rug looks lovely, I hope you feel better soon pumpkin!!!


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