Thursday, June 24, 2010


My big boy was 'sick' yesterday & spent the day at home with me, well, experiencing a day in the life of me which is more like running from school for the preppie, then to kinder then home for a bit, the post office, a delivery, back to kinder, back to school & finally home again, not quite the day off he was hoping for, but we did find time to sit and chat over a hot chocolate which is always an insightful experience. Our big boy is quite the thinker, he likes to ponder on all matter of things & yesterday it was his future...

He was asking how it is that Kevin Rudd could be replaced as our country's leader, who he thought might be the next best person, which in his 8yr old opinion wasn't looking too good if you listen to all the banter on television.  "So" he says, "if I were to become Prime Minister one day, I'm sort of on the right track by being elected as class representative for Student Voice this year, although I think we need to be  promoting ourselves a bit more because I don't think you really get to do enough, we could do a lot more...and then how old do I need to be to join the debating team?"  Nothing like a bit of ambition, God love him! 

I don't know, I quite liked his ideas of becoming an archaeologist,  Jedi knight, rock-star, stunt man, building designer, pilot...

Regardless, I'm proud as punch right now, as I sit & stitch on his leaders badge..


  1. It would not surprise me in the slightest if he grew up to be a politician. He is such a joy!

  2. So sweet, what an insightful young man!! I did the same today, kept my eldest home as she was simply exhausted (she's a house captain & in other leadership roles) & promised her a fun quiet day - after delivering her 3 siblings to school, the post office, the mechanic, the vet . . . i actually didn't even give her lunch!! Then it was off to the dentist, school, more deliveries, chemist, supermarket, she'll be glad to go back to school tomorrow!!
    Like the idea of Student Voice, we have 3 SRC reps in our house currently, but they think Julia Gillard sounds like a cat in pain. Love Posie

  3. I love those special one on one talks with our kids. That is so great!!He's going to do so well and to have such insight at 8 years!! and handsome too, a career in politics who knows.I'm still voting on the rock star he's got the hair for it!! Have a super day.

  4. That's the very best kind of stitching to be doing! (and hearty congrats for those two 'Voilas!' down below...)

  5. Congratulations to him! Hope he feels better soon and always reaches for the stars! xo m.

  6. It's amazing what goes on in those gorgeous little heads. Quiet times, one on one are always special aren't they?

  7. Yay! Huge congratulations. To his mama because she should be so proud to have such an insightful, interesting, cool kid and to him because I reckon this is only the first of many, many badges you'll be sewing on for him. on badges are so much better than the pin ones that I seem to lose everytime I do the washing.
    pps have a wonderful and warm weekend. XX


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