Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunshine Awards...

Thank you so very much Bee at Honey Jumble for nominating me for the sunshine bloggers award.  It's so nice to receive this I'm really honoured.  If you haven't been already, you must pop on over to this very clever illustrators blog & check out her gorgeous work.

I now get to pass on this special little award to 12 people who brighten my day with their inspirational blogs, amazing talent & friendly words to share...the choosing bit is a little tricky, there are some I'd like to nominate who have just received it too, so here are some of whom I truly admire, they inspire me, make me laugh & always offer great words of wisdom when I'm a little spent ...

5 Star Baby
Pardon My Chaos
dottie angel
Moose & Bird
The Back Shed
Miss Muggins
Knotty Hands

Thanks ladies, you really do brighten my days...

Here's what you do:
1. Thank the person who gave it to you.
2. Copy the logo and place in on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you.
4. Pass it along to 12 other people.


  1. Thank you oh so much for this beautiful award. What a wonderful start to my day!! xo m.

  2. Oh, thank-you. Your nomination made my day. Now, who should I pass this nomination on to??? Decisions, Decisions! xo

  3. wow!! thankyou Mel!
    will have to pop back in later to pass this on!! xx

  4. thanks so much, I've had to create my own awards over at mine, and could only wait till april fools day to share it !!!!'s lovely to get a geniune award!

    do you have aprils fools day in australia?

  5. So sweet...Thank you for the award, it's always nice to hear that people can relate to your life especially when it's such a crazy one :P

  6. Thanks so much for the lovely award! It's been fun getting to know you through our blogs, I always enjoy seeing what you are up to and imagining your life in O.G. Hope Easter has been fun, what beautiful sunny days we have had. Take care sweetie x

  7. oh that is sooo sweet of you!Thanks so much :))

  8. Hellooooo :)

    Thank you muchly for this little surprise and for dropping by my blog in the past month or so. I truly appreciate your thoughful comments.

    Thanks for making this day a happy one!!

  9. Thanks Mel. I have been away for Easter and this is such a lovely thing to return home to. I will got onto passing it onto others tomorrow.

  10. i know i'm a little late to the party, but thank you so kindly for sending some sunshine my way... you are most kind indeed to think of me :)


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