Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Too good to be true...

I was out having coffee with a friend yesterday and while on our way home we spotted an awesome cabinet on the side of the road.  Is this an apparition?? Why would someone just dump such an amazing piece??  With a bit of love, some sprucing up, it could be stunning!  Needless to say, we stopped we drooled, we checked it over & decided '...hhmmm maybe not...'. Anyway I got home  to get the little guys bathed & fed, told my dearly beloved about this fabulous discarded piece while he looks at me rather pitifully & then to my surprise he says "OK let's go!". So, quick as a wink kids are in the car & off we go to claim the treasure.
Sadly, upon further inspection, this very dear old cabinet that was once a most loved  & well used work bench was also once ridden with white ant! Agh! What a shame...we discussed the possibilities, we tapped, we tipped, we turned & unfortunately had to make the most difficult decision which was....we just can't take the risk - our home being made of wood & all...could be a potential disaster! 
Oh the woes of thrifting.... 


  1. Oh no! What a shame, it really could have been great with some love, but I would run from white ants too, even though our house it made of brick! Perhaps you could sell those funky old handles on ebay though? :)

  2. Oh what a shame....
    Hard rubbish, why does it not happen here????? There is a little town nearby where it still occurs occasionally. I have been known to fill the wagon to capacity and send hubby back for more. The things people throw away............

  3. Not only do you have amazing garage sales but you can pick up things on the side of the road? I definitely live in the wrong town. So sad you had to give this gem up.

  4. I knew you'd go back and take a photo for prosperity! There will be more like it...we have only just started the journey of thriftyness!

  5. That's too bad...it's a gorgeous piece! But I know you'll stumble upon a better one soon :)


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