Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sugar & Spice...

It's amazing what a little time apart can do for the soul...

After spending the weekend in the City with my beautiful husband, I feel rested, relaxed & rejuvenated.  Quite the change from last week, all worked up & worn out dealing with a 3yr old of the most challenging kind.  So as not to paint too dark a picture of our little guy, I must tell you, that after a weekend at Nan & Pop's he has come back to us all happy and sweet and  sugar & spice, he's embracing his 60% adorable side, the side that melts us & we can't get enough of. Phew! I just knew it had to resurface sooner or later.

I can't believe we are approaching school holidays again already! I have to say, I can't wait!  Our little Preppy is hanging out too!  Needless to say the whole school thing has been a massive change to his world, having to adapt to all that structure, time frames, learning & not so much play time... he's exhausted.  Hubby's on holidays too which the kids are loving already, and since he's a lot more interested in the kitchen than me, I'm loving it too!  Happy days...


  1. yay Mel, so glad you are feeling great!
    that little time away makes us really appreciate what treasures we really have!!
    we are looking forward to the schedule free time holidays bring also!

  2. How nice, can't wait to see my husband & do the same thing, ah, just us!! Only 3.5 more months, yahoo!! The Easter school holidays in Canberra are starting the week after Easter, go figure?? Love Posie

  3. I wonder if Nan and Pop would be interested in having my 6 year old for a weekend? Hmmm that separation thing is an interesting thing to think about. Glad to hear you had a great time away. X

  4. Yay for husbands in the kitchen! And a weekend away. Glad it was the fresh breath of air you'd hoped for. xo m.


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