Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Coming Up Roses...

I've been busy practicing my crochet.  
I want to teach myself the granny square but I can't seem to stop making roses...

I'm quite happy with the way this one turned out. 
I can't take credit for the sweet hat, it was made by a lovely lady of the CWA...
though, I do think they were meant to be together.


  1. Defintely. How sweet is your rose? Have you made any pink ones? I'd love to see a dusky pink rose. I like the style of your hat too, won't you look lovely this winter? xo

  2. Oooooo...I love the roses! I wish I could make the,, but I seem to be stuck on granny's. can we swap brains for a day???

  3. Beware the granny! Compulsively addictive and all that end weaving in bizzo to contend with. Love the rose. More hats should have 'em.

  4. Lovely Rose :).... It does fit perfectly.

  5. Don't worry about the granny square.....keep on doing those roses, they are gorgeous!

  6. Cute hat you have there. You definitely do a lovely rose too.
    Thanks for your visit, and you only need a few pink things for the meme! lol. :)


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