Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweet Things...

It was my birthday recently and I was ever so lucky to be given some spending money, among other very thoughtful things.  So today we went for a wander to see what we might find, and just look at what we found at the stunning Moss Industry Florist.  I just love to visit this gorgeous little store, there is so much to see in here & everything is amazing.  It takes a whole lot of self control & rational thinking to stop myself from spending recklessly!  Today, however, with birthday money burning a hole in my pocket...

The very generous Alex was so taken by my little guys obsession with birds (they were everywhere in there, his head was in a spin!) that she gave him this sweet bird in a nest!  This is going to be one very loved bird!
He called her 'Mama Bird'...

And it keeps getting better - we've just arrived home to find my two favourite mags in the letter box, ooohhh it's a good day!
Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. So beautiful! Glad you had a lovely birthday. I love the little bird too :) K

  2. That is the most devine shop, they are super dooper merchandisers!!!! The window always looks spectacular. My little guy and I went shopping today too, for fabric but also got the Frankie magazine.

  3. You REALLY know how to do birthday. Love love love that top pic.

  4. Gorgeous prezzies you bought yourself. That mama bird is gorgeous. I hope you get some time this weekend to put your feet up and read your mags. X

  5. Oh my! How lucky are you? Hope I'm as lucky next month for my b/day. That wire heart is devine.
    But really loving those knobs!! They are beautiful! Where did you get them? Not an op shop surely?
    Thanks for the visit and that lovely comment about my cage. :)

  6. Lovely lovely. What more could you ask for. I love the hanging red hearts. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Melinda xo


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