Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Creative Space

The old sewing machine always frightened me before.  I'm always looking at the amazing things people make & dreamily wish I could sew!  So I dragged the scary beast out of its box (where it's been since my parents bought it for me 4years ago) and set it up on our dining table where it sat for a few days, tempting me, willing me to sit in front of it. And eventually I did! Over the last week I've been 'playing' with it, and it turns out, it's not so scary!  I'm having heaps of fun!
A cuddly owl,
and some cushions...
Last weeks creations...cushions are a good introduction to sewing, I've found...hubby thinks we probably have enough now, he could be right, there's barely room on the spare room couch for us to sit. I'll need to get a little more adventurous...
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  1. Your experience sounds a lot like mine..I put it off for sooo long then once I started "despite" very frustrating mistakes I did decently well...

    Love your creations, those owls are too cute!


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