Thursday, June 9, 2011

it's official...

I'm addicted! I am totally & utterly addicted to this crochet caper!  To think that not more than a year ago I had no idea where to begin, just a burning desire to learn...
the piles keep growing, another project begins immediately after one has been finished, loads of thrifted & re-cycled balls of wool just waiting to be turned into warm winter goodness...
I love it! My work space is limited, but that's the great thing about crochet, it's compact & you can take it wherever you go... it possible to get RSI crocheting?  Because right now my left wrist is so sore that the pain shoots right through me just to type this post...

When I casually mentioned it to Hubby this morning he said without hesitation "it's all the crocheting, you need to stop for a while.."

"what do you mean the crochet?!" I quickly reply, fraught "surely not, how can that be? No, I must have done something to it cleaning yesterday"... 

I may need to take a little time out, just to see...

Whatever did I do before crochet? Luckily I have set myself a top secret mission to keep me busy for now.  It involves mirror balls & LOTS of sparkly fairy lights...ssshhhhhh....

Pop on over here to see what everyone else has been up to...


  1. I love the colours you use, there is something so calm and soft and snuggly about your work. I've noticed my hands are getting sore from my marathon knitting adventures, and I think it's worse when it's cold. Moderation may be the key! But that can be hard can't it? Hope you are keeping nice and warm today xo

  2. Oh, the wrist thing I can totally relate to! I have given it the distintive medical description of 'crochet claw'! Mine gets super bad because I also have (self-diagnosed!!) carpel tunnel syndrome left over from my huge fat pregnancies.

    WOuld it be inappropriate to say that crochet claw has once or twice been so painful that it has gotten in the way of some late night bedroom activity?! My poor husband - if he sees the hooks & wool come out at night time he knows he's out of luck!

    Oh man, this comment is getting worse - I just went to type in the secret word and it was 'pork'!

  3. Ver very inspiring. I have only just begun my crotchet adventure.

    For me it is my neck. I realy need to watch my posture and hold my work to eye level.


  4. I wish I could get so addicted to crochet.. look at you go! I think it's the fact that I cannot, no matter how much I try, read patterns properly, so the few basic things I can do get old after a while!

    Hope your wrist feels better soon... damn incidental cleaning... ;)

  5. It is terribly addictive... though I don't think I have it as bad as you :) May need to book yourself into CA - Crochet's Anomyous ha ha ha! Beautiful work and love the colours :)

  6. It's so so so addictive isn't it!? I just love it too! Crochet rules!

  7. Hi Mel..I have just mentioned your georgeous crochet on my's just the day for it..absolutely freeezing up here!

  8. Oh no i hope you hand doesn't get too sore. Crochet is such a wonderful craft and sooo much fun. Don't stop your work is always beautiful and I love your colour choices. xo

  9. Wow, look at you go!!! I hope that wrist is back to normal soon...:)

  10. gorgeous ... hope the wrist improves v soon. enjoy x

  11. It's all looking gorgeous and snuggly over there Mel.
    You most certainly can get RSI from crochet.
    Try ice and some rest. It's hard but helped me when I needed it.

  12. you just need to practice a looser grip. I used to get the same shooting pains, because I held the hook in a death grip. When I learned how to knit it made my knitting so tight I couldn't get the needle in, so I had to practice relaxing my hands and holding the needles less tightly. When I picked up the crochet hook after that, I was amazed at how the pain had gone away.

    It does take some work and conscious "letting go"...practice makes perfect. :)

  13. Just found you from Naturally Carol! I'm enjoying seeing your projects. =) Have a great weekend!


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