Tuesday, June 7, 2011


couch time was productive, I finished a gift for someone special..

Oh maaaannn is it cold here! I've just dropped my middle guy off at the school gate, a little guilty of the dump & run today, but I can't bring myself to get out of the car and stand around the playground til the bell goes, no matter how lovely the company of the other mamas..

The big boy rides off way too early to take himself to school, wearing shorts! I used to worry, but the fight is fruitless, he's happy this way, though it's mandatory he has on multiple upper layers..

I've picked up a large latte to bring home to enjoy with my breaky before I get stuck into cleaning this seriously neglected home of ours, perhaps just the inside for now..

Hubby wants to have stir fry for dinner, one of my least favourite dishes, but we'll be using the left over chicken from Sunday nights roast which was absolutely deluxe.  I do love making a single meal go further, it's become a bit of a challenge around here..

The little guy is tired after a rough night of growing pains, so it's a very quiet day for him.  He's happily watching ABC kids this morning, and I'm happy that he is.  Do your kids suffer growing pains?  I used to get them terribly as a child and in fact I still get a similar thing now, though the doctor believes it's something to do with pressure on the sciatic nerve.  I wonder is it the same for children..

In between all the waking up to soothe & stretch his legs, I had a frightening dream about my little guy last night. It was so disturbing and it made want to stay close to him all night, terrified about where it came from & what it might mean...

So it's a fairly quiet day here today, cleaning, laundry,grocery shopping & doing our best to stay warm.. 

I hope your Tuesday is off to a great start.  Have a lovely week all!


  1. It's freezing here too. I'm sitting here having my second piece of honey toast with a big cup of tea, wearing two cardigans and uggs! THey are predicting snow for later today, fingers crossed! Hope you have a warm and snuggly day, and no more bad dreams ok? xo

  2. I'm here freezing too - even tho the sun is out there! Toast and coffee and his wool jumper on. Been in school this morning to do the reading groups - with a grumpy class assistant :-/

    I know what you mean about growing pains - they are so uncomfortable/annoying. Make you feel like stretching all the time! I hope he has a better night tonight.

    I had a nightmare last night too about the children - it was in our back yard. Great - something else for me to be worried about now!!

    xxhope you guys have a restful day Mel.xJ

  3. My boys have all had a tough go of it with growing pains, but none of my girls have had them...

    Hope your little one is on the mend!

  4. I was totally with you this morning with the whole drop and run at the school gate! It was far too cold and windy for the casual chatter. And apparently my boy is getting to cool to have his mother walk him in anyway!

    My kids dont get growing pains (thankfully) but I have always suffered from what I call restless legs at night time - the rest of my body is ready for sleep but my legs feel like they need to keep going and I have to continually move and stretch them! Annoying much to sleep with??!!

    And as usual, I am totally loving your scarf in your top picture!

    Have a hppy day.

  5. My eldest had a rough time with growing pains and my second born wears shorts in frosty freezing temperatures too! crazy boys

  6. Freezing here with snow forecast tonight so it's hard taking my son to work at 6.45am! Two of my boys wore shorts all year round when they were at school, lots do it. I can remember my Mum massaging my legs at night when I was little and my eldest son had that problem too trouble is neither of us grew out of it and both suffer with aching legs especially when it's going to rain.

  7. My boys used to suffer from growing pains too..I used to wonder whether they needed extra calcium or ? and used to make sure they got a bit extra milk into them..a milo drink or something. I wonder if they've done studies on them.

  8. I've just had to endure my second day of sitting around watching Ryan playing Rugby, tomorrow is cross country. It's f-f-freezing I tell ya, and there is no coffee van so I can get something to warm my fingers!

    Both my kids wear shorts all year long even when it's cold, I haven't got a chance of getting them in tracksuit pants......too cool for that!

    You should wrap yourself up in some of your gorgeous crochet, then you'll be warm and stylish!

  9. I remember those pains Jeremy's over it now but Cory will be next he's 11. Has he gotten any stretch marks yet? I hate these! It helped that all of his friends had them also.
    I to am not a fan of stir fry only because it never tastes like it should!
    stay warm Momma!

  10. Brrrr, did not get over 5C here today, so cold, snow clouds all above & i sat in the car outside school doing craft with the heater on, mmmm, then 3 of my children waltzed out of school in Tshirts & shorts. OMG, i had 3 layers on my top alone, plus a cape around my legs & they were all completely untouched by the weather. Love Posie
    (oh man, Blogger not letting me leave comments as me again, argh!!)

  11. Oh my that dream does sound ominous Mel, but I'm sure that's all it is.....a dream, and perhaps just stemming from your anxiety over him?
    Do you know I didn't think growing pains were a "real" thing! lol. Obviously they are! Sounds like it might be similar to restless legs but with pain? Poor wee little guy and you!
    Certainly sounds cold indeed down that way, and I had heard about the freezing conditions coming. So glad it's no where near as cold up here!!
    Stay warm and happy! I'm sure things will be well. xoxo


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