Friday, June 10, 2011

just quickly...

It seems that's all I say at the moment, "just quickly..." before I launch into some long winded explanation or ramble about the zillions of things spinning round in my head...

But really, just quickly I want to say a big HELLO! to a bunch of new people who are following my blog.  It seems the number has suddenly shot right up there in the blink of an eye & for some strange reason I can't see who you are.  I see the number on my dashboard but for the life of me blogger won't let me view your lovely pics or anything else about you.  So, "welcome" it is lovely to have you join me here at Loved & I hope to find you & pop round to see you all very soon...

It's the long weekend here again already, time is just zooming by! We have made way too many plans but looking forward to all of them, lucky last weekend was just a whole lot of nothing... 

Also I have orders for garlands to complete, a 7yr old birthday party to plan, a costume to put together for a gorgeous ladies 70's housewife b'day party next week, presents for a set of twins & a spooky costume to make for the middle guy to wear to their party, and a top secret mission that I have set myself which I can't say too much about in case a certain someone happens to see it written here & then it will be a secret no more.  I have to say, given that I am the worlds biggest procrastinator, hence sitting here rambling on my blog, it is going to be one heck of a challenge pulling even one of these things off in time!

Though, having jot that all down here now my head does feel lighter & really if that's all I have going on right now I should consider myself blessed. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. It is funny how when you think you'll do or say something quickly it will definitely turn into a huge thing! I'm afflicted with the same problem! :))
    and it's great the way letting it all hang out can put things into a bit of a better perspective too!!
    Have a fabulous weekend Mel. x

  2. My followers aren't showing up this morning either..they're obviously being tweaked by blogger!

  3. It seems blogger keeps tweaking the site all the time.....I hope you post pictures of the garlands!
    Have you had cooler temps yet?

  4. Hello, I would like to know how you cut those paper garland .
    do you have a special cutter or with scissors .
    Is it a paper puncher. We don't have those here in Lebanon.
    Thanks for your response.

  5. hello to you too - love love love the garland...and the photo x


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