Saturday, April 27, 2013

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two of my guys and I headed off to the carboot sale this morning to find ourselves some treasures, and treasures we did find..

I spotted this dusty old bird cage far into the distance,  it was hanging from a trailer with a manky old fluffy parrot inside.  The cage was $5 dollars and the manky parrot complimentary.

My plan was to paint this sweet old cage white, but I've decided I like it just the way it is.  We took the parrot out and put him in a tree at the park on the walk home and gave the cage a scrub.  I pulled out the fabric stash and made a far from perfect but very pretty mama bird and now it hangs in my Olives!

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  1. It's beautiful Mel! I Love that you had a vision and just did it. Ok, I will procrastinate less { or at least try to :) } xx

  2. very sweet … :) i love the $5 cage

  3. That is really delicately stunning. The bird is pretty and the cage just divine. Have you seen this pretty blog post? - It's all bird cage inspired.

  4. Had to re-read Mel ...wasn't sure at first if the manky parrot was alive or stuffed! I love the cage, and the mama bird xx

    1. Yes the parrot was a stuffed toy that looked like it might have gone a few rounds with the pet dog..

  5. Beautiful Mel!
    I love your whimsical, nostalgic, palette and style.

  6. Your pretty birdie looks right at home there Mel!

  7. I love your touch to that awesome find.....I bet your dates had a good time with Mom, Heidi

  8. Love the little bird in the cage, it looks right at home there. I found a bird cage exactly the same a few years ago at a market for about the same price. Mine sits on a shelf with a few primitive wooden chickens. xx

  9. Just beautiful Mel. I always love your knack for choosing beautiful soft colours:) Wishing you a beautiful week. xx


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