Friday, September 23, 2011

enjoying time...

so this little guy is my baby, growing up way too quick... 
while the sun shines and it's just him & me, I'm reminded of how lucky I am to have had this time... 
time to enjoy him, to play with him, to teach him... 
to get to know him, to watch him explore life & to learn... 
to be there for him... 
and to make countless capes & masks for him... 
and his friends...

It hasn't all been sunshine & smiles, he's been perhaps the most challenging of our three boys, in fact I've written several posts on the challenges of raising this little guy.  We often say if he was born first he may have been our one & only! But he is as adorable as he is horrid (perhaps even more adorable as he gets older), he is clever, hilariously funny, fiercely determined, a perfectionist & he wants to know all about everything right now.  He is so in love with his Dad, his brothers & his Muma.  How lucky we are to have him, and how blessed I am to have this time...  

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  1. He looks totally adorable! And I know ALL about how decieving those adorable looks can be - my middle child sounds just like yours!

  2. What a cutie pie!!!
    This time goes WAY to quick doesn't it?!xx

  3. A lovely post Mel, and one you will look back with a smile. The preschool year is so special, and it looks like you two are making the most of it. Our youngest has been a challenge too at times, but so adorable that I soon forget the tricky moments. Hope you get to enjoy lots of fun times over the holidays, with all your beautiful boys xo

  4. that's a really lovely post Mel.
    Perfect material for his 21st party too right ???
    Have a great weekend, Dee x

  5. Such a sweet little boy,they grow up so fast so enjoy every moment!

    And that vest from previous post is simply gorgeous :) Loved it on a first sigh ;)

    Hugs and kisses from Zagreb!

  6. He looks like such a character.

    much love

  7. Gorgeous! We have a 'fiercely determined' little lady as well. So many wonderful qualities in your little boy.

    Happy Weekend Mel.



  8. so sweet! love the batman costume! :)

  9. So so true , My baby had a sleepover last night and I was watching her with her friend...she's still sweet but growing up too fast next week she's 7.....only 3 years away from a double digit birthday........enjoy sweet Momma!

  10. I think I have those exact same photo's of my boy at that age, except with a Spiderman suit! Times sure does fly with kiddo's. Enjoy!


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