Thursday, March 17, 2011

a little upcycling...

I picked this jumper up a few years ago on a clearance table. I adored the shirred sleeves but would never ever wear it.  It reminded me of a school uniform every time I'd put it on & inevitably change before even leaving the bedroom...
I found it yesterday in a bag waiting to be dropped off at the op shop, and I just couldn't bring myself to part with those sleeves...
so I made some wristwarmers, cute, eh...?!

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  1. Yes! Very cute.
    I still would have worn the jumper ;) - but then, I love grey!!!

  2. They are most definitely CUTE!! What a fab idea.

  3. very nice!! I was just admiring some write warmers over at fox's lane the other day - must be all the rage this (upcoming) winter...will have to learn how to knit (yeah yeah, or possibly just go shopping!!)

  4. Really Really lovely - what a fantastic idea xx

  5. Great conversion - even seems a little Gothic and romantic !


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