Saturday, July 31, 2010

handmade christmas...

Well it's hard to believe, but thanks to Knicky Knacks Handmade Christmas Challenge my Christmas shopping is almost sorted - shock, I know!!  Admittedly, we don't have many to get this year so that makes it all a little easier.  I've hit a bit of a creative wall for the challenge this week but I thought I'd share my handmade door decoration with you.  I used this last year & I really liked the way it looked & the tinkle of the stars whenever the door opened...

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  1. love it! what did you cut the stars out with? they are metal yeah? i especially like how you have them hanging from a lovely old stick

  2. I love the stars.....are they made from tin?

    I can't believe you are almost sorted for christmas, me I nearly always leave it until mid December.

    Pretty banner!

  3. Your amazing as are your stars!!

  4. I LOVE your door hanger! I love bringing the outdoors in, and I love decorating with stars for Christmas, so this is right up my alley. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  5. Just found your blog from a comment you left on my sister's blog(Le Bons Bay News). I like what I've seen so far and definitely will be back to check what crafts you're up to:)

  6. I don't believe how organised you are! You are giving me an anxiety complex. Love the stars and the twine and the twig.

  7. Wow you are very good to be organised for Christmas. I say every year that I will be more organised, but does it happen...NO!

    Like you we don't have many to buy for as I have managed to convince family that all that spending isn't necessary. We are just buying for the little ones this year.

    The stars look fantastic...what a great idea.

    Thanks for dropping by and following my blog. Thank you also for leaving a comment, I love to know that you were there.

    Have a great day,


  8. I love that decoration. So rustic, natural and beautiful. If you've already finished your Christmas shopping, I better get cracking!

  9. those stars are so adorable!

    thanks for leaving a sweet word on my thankful post. your name was picked and am looking forward to sending you a card.
    please email me you details.
    hugs to you & happy august

  10. Oh how great ! Shiny with a little tinkle , can't beat that !

  11. wow and I thought i was going ok making a few purchases here and there but your almost done!! I love your decoration! well done.


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