Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Easter craft..

Easter crafting has begun, and we made bunny ears! A quick as a wink project all before 9am, and all you need is a beer box (or other cardboard scraps), some wool and a bit of tape.

I'm completely unprepared for craft at home. I didn't make a single trip to the shops to stock up on necessities before this all began.  So we're just making use of what we have lying around...or out in our recycle bin. I might need to dig deep into our garage and see what else I can find.  I'm pretty sure there's a Knitting Nancy in one of those containers, and maybe even some old coasters waiting to be upcycled.


  1. Adorable & making do is what it's all about Mel. I have no genuine supplies - it's a wonderful challenge x

    1. It sure is! I've just discovered my little guy used all my metal straws and sawn them up for his mini skate park. Improvising ;)

  2. How fabulous! Look how big your little has gotten!


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