Tuesday, August 30, 2016

taking stock..

Spring is only a day away, and I'm itching to get so many things done around here.  My head is spinning with all the 'to do's' on my list, its almost becoming too overwhelming and I fear I just won't get to any of it. So its time to take stock and clear my head, thanks to Pip's trusty list..

Making : simple decorations to liven up our new but very bare deck.

Cooking : veggie soup and using the left overs for pasta sauce tomorrow.

Drinking : coffee in the morning, wine in the evening and fresh veggie juice in between.

Reading: I just finished The Girl on the Train, which I loved, now I'm needing something new.

Looking: for a copper shower rose for our homemade outdoor shower, they're way too expensive.  Who knew!?

Deciding: if some intensive private swim lessons for the primary school boys might be more beneficial than the school two week program.

Wishing: I could afford a painter to paint inside and out!

Enjoying: picking fresh herbs and greens now that we've moved the veggie garden directly outside the kitchen.

Waiting: for the slushy yard to dry up a bit.

Liking: a little bit of trash tv.

Loving: Olive's ballet classes.

Listening: to Olive talk non stop, all day long.

Considering: storage options, stashing less and packing my craft cabinet into a single box..eek!

Buying: beautiful handmade treasures.

Watching: my favs right now...The Bachelor, Life in Pieces, Have You Been Paying Attention.

Hoping: our boys room switch isn't as excruciating as I'm anticipating.

Marvelling: at the biggest boy, just everything, all of him.

Cringing: at Olive's new found love of the recorder.

Needing: to get myself to yoga once and for all..and plant life for the deck.

Smelling: open fire's and fire pits in the air.

Wearing: beautiful handmade pieces by Wendy.

Following: vicandbert and trying not to want all the things.

Noticing: the middle guy is seeming a little anxious about high school next year and leaving his friends.

Knowing: our peak season is almost upon us, and trying to brace myself with calm and order.

Thinking: I should just pick up a paint brush and start one room at a time.

Admiring: my husband and feeling blessed that we are in his capable forward planning hands.

Getting: ready to Spring clean, eliminate and simplify. We really don't have all that much, even toys are few around here (apart from lego), but a tidy up and clean out is always nice.

Coveting: too many beautiful instagram feeds.

Disliking: that we have been forced to introduce our children to devices through school education programs and that my children believe they are the only ones not allowed to have a billion apps and hours of itime outside of school.

Opening: the doors and windows on those sunshiny days we've been having.

Feeling: anxious that Olive still isn't grasping toilet training, and isn't terribly willing to try.

Hearing: the constant nattering of a happy toddler at play.

Mixing: spinach, carrot, apple and orange into the kids morning berry juice, and they're loving it!

Slicing: warm out of the oven chocolate cake for school lunches.

Forgetting: to log into our school parent portals, constantly, and staying up to date.

Embracing: the possibilities of the new season.

Aahh, a little taking stock really does help.

ps: apologies for the random layout of this post, blogger is being a bit strange tonight??

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