Tuesday, August 9, 2016

july portraits..

'three cheeky monkey's jumping on the bed..'

'I mind them Mumma..' counting my crochet hooks over and over, a new favourite pastime

sometimes she uses her hands like toys, her fingers are the characters and the sing and dance and get up to all kinds of wonderful adventures

learning to use scissors for the very first time

the protest, its a regular occurrence, and the expression on that little face daring me to do something about it

Another month of learning, attitude, favourite shirts...and lots of busy hands at play!

July was a big month for our cancerian birthday boys.  It was a HUGE month actually.  We've taken our business in a new fresh direction, we've had school holidays, we've been preparing for school camps.  There have been about a thousand school meetings and information evenings and lots of running here there and everywhere!

This little girl is looking more and more ready for kinder next year.  The growth is extraordinary.  It was only a month ago that I was worrying about her not being ready.  Not having had more experience with playgroups or three year old kinder like her brother's had.  Suddenly, I see it.  I see that its time to take the next step, time for her to leave my side and try new things.  It's time for big kid adventures.  The baby is growing up.

You can see more lovely portraits over at Practicing simplicity..

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