Thursday, June 16, 2016

the sunset series..chasing winter skies

Last night, just before dinner time, four out of the six of us went to the beach to soak in some pastel wintery skies.

The colours were so soft and whimsical, the air fresh, and barely a breeze was blowing.  We wandered the rocks, admired brave surfers dashing past us, zipping their wetsuits as they ran, busting out of themselves to hit those waves.

The middle guy sat on a rock to write, the little girl splashed in rock puddles singing happy songs and squealing with delight at the pink sky all aglow. We walked for ages, chatting about this and that, mostly a certain someone's up and coming 12th birthday.

The waves rolled in so loudly, looking like big soft fluffy clouds.  Apart from the surfers in the sea, there was barely another person in sight.  Like a secret paradise all of our very own. Its been too long between beach visits.  The chance to stop and breathe it all in was just what I needed without even knowing.

Hooray for winter skies and glorious mid week beach wanders.

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  1. Perfection! That sounds amazing. Being near the sea always reminds me to breathe. Such amazing sunset colours x


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